Every Job I’ve Had: City Paper, Biking in Jorts, and The World’s Largest Design Firm

Washington City Paper, January 2011-November 2012: I interned for Washington City Paper for all of 2010. It was unpaid, but I wrote a lot of blog posts that I still occasionally reference, and most of the things that I covered—public meetings in Southeast D.C.—I was planning to attend anyway as research for my senior thesis (about gentrification and displacement in a neighborhood called Anacostia).

Sell My Old Clothes, I’m Off to Heaven

I came in with about 50 items and Buffalo Exchange bought about 35. Most were from J. Crew. Some were from Madewell and American Apparel. A few were from Forever 21 or H&M. Nearly everything was very, very gently worn—if worn at all.

What I’ve Spent Since My Boyfriend Told Me He Was Moving to Germany, Then Broke Up With Me

Just because people usually buy you lots of drinks during periods of significant personal trauma doesn’t mean you stop spending. Herewith, the damage I’ve done in the past week:

Sunday • $44: Rebels in Paradise: The Los Angeles Art Scene and the 1960s, Visual Sensations: The Paintings of Robert Swain, 1967–2010, and a set of Robert Rauschenberg postcards at the Hirshhorn Museum’s gift shop • $2.50: Tea at Chinatown Coffee Co. • $60: Deposit at Tattoo Paradise. Nothing like making plans for another tattoo in times of emotional distress! • $16: A Bell’s Amber Ale and burger with mushrooms at Cafe Saint-Ex • $18: Cash, given to a friend of a friend for a ticket to see Ted Leo at the Black Cat 

Everything You Wanted to Know About Biking, Part II

Bec: Alex, hello! In the first part of this series, we talked about what we spent to get started biking. Then we asked people what else they wanted to talk about, and those questions and comments centered around comfort and safety. So let's talk about those today.

What I’ve Spent to Move Into a New Apartment

Here's what it costs one woman to move.

Everything You Want to Know About Biking: Part One

Alex Baca and Rebecca Rindler both bike (sometimes together) and also think about money. Biking for transportation is a key intersection of those topics. In this series, we'll talk about the quantifiable and less-quantifiable parts of bike commuting.

What I’ve Spent Since I Got My Keys Back From My Ex-Boyfriend

I didn’t realize that getting the keys to my apartment back from the guy who told me he was moving to Germany, then broke up with me, would be more painful than, well, that. It was. Herewith, the damage I’ve done in the week since.