Paying Extra for a Flight for the Convenience of a Better Seat

I’ll be visiting family for Christmas, and I just bought my plane tickets online. I know that I should have bought them earlier, but I only had to pay for my return flight because I was able to buy my departure ticket using points I saved.

I have some self-imposed rules when choosing flights:

1) Avoid red-eyes if possible because of my inability to sleep for longer than 10 minutes at a time on planes.

2) When flying from the East Coast to the West Coast (where my hometown is), try to choose a flight that will land before 9 p.m. (to help with jet lag).

3) Pay the extra money for direct flights—time is money and I’d rather spend an extra $50 to not have to land in another city and wait for a connecting flight.

Harder Better Faster? Cheaper

If we have the ability to fly faster and cut down on travel time, why aren't we doing it? According to Jason Paur, who covers aerospace for Wired and Medium, it's because passengers aren't interested in paying more to fly faster—they're interested in whatever we can do to fly cheaper.

Complaining and Flying

Matthew Yglesias defends domestic air travel, arguing that it's safer and cheaper than ever before, so we should stop complaining so much about it.