Places I’ve Lived: A Black Tub, Missed Sunsets, And The Original Airbnb

Where have you lived, Anna Wiener?

2009-2013, Eckford Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, $1000/mo.

This apartment! It felt like a stage set. I loved it desperately and didn’t deserve it at all; how my friend Maya found it is still a mystery to me. It was on the top floor of a small, three-story building; everything, including the stairwell, slanted at about fifteen degrees. When Maya and I moved in, we were told that the place used to be an illegal nightclub, with an underground tunnel to the laundromat next door. The landlords had broken down the wall between two studio apartments; we slept in walk-in closets and had two bathrooms, two living rooms, and no privacy. The ceiling was popcorn plaster and the fixtures in one bathroom were black. As far as I know, nobody ever snorted cocaine off the rim of the tub, but everyone mentioned the possibility.

The Eckford Street apartment was beautiful, and constantly surprised us with new ways an apartment can be broken.

Airbnb is Illegal in NYC, But When There Are Dollars to Be Made…

Elizabeth Harris looks at the lucrative, but illegal (in NYC) Airbnb economy in New York, which I've talked a little bit before in regards to some of the lawsuits that have been filed. One woman says she rents out a room only while she is also occupying the apartment, and started doing it after she racked up some high medical bills during the recession—it's hard not to be sympathetic to that. [Meanwhile, in San Francisco...]

Airbnb, Not in NYC

CNET reports that NYC officials have determined that Warren should pay $2,400 for "violating the city's illegal hotel law" and that apartments "may only be used as private residences and may not be rented for transient, hotel, or motel purposes" essentially making Airbnb illegal in New York (except for stays of 30 days or longer).

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A man talks about how he bought a house using money he saved by renting out his apartment on Airbnb. Is this wrong? He doesn't think so.

The Future of Renting Your Room for the Short-Term

I like the service Airbnb is trying to provide. Is it contributing to higher rental prices in cities like San Francisco and New York and pricing out locals? Unclear. Does it provide an unsafe environment for neighbors concerned with strangers coming into buildings—another maybe, and Craiglist has already filled that role for some time now. We'll have to see what happens to Warren, and what the lobbyists end up accomplishing.

Two Friends Discuss Planning and Budgeting for a Trip Abroad Together

Hope and Amy are two best friends who met in middle school when Amy started a rumor about Hope and a bass clarinetist. Fourteen and a half years later, they are embarking on a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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