The Difference Between Good and Great, at Harvard and in Life

“When Christina Wallace, now the director of the Startup Institute, attended Harvard Business School on a scholarship, she was told by her classmates that she needed to spend more money to fully participate, and that ‘the difference between a good experience and a great experience is only $20,000.‘”

Hahhhahahhha..hahhaa….ha……..ha………(thinks about it for a second). By George, they’re right.

Money: The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Doree Shafrir has written a really well done and somewhat terrifying piece about night terrors. She describes some her own night terrors—times that, while sleeping, she was sure her dream was reality: • “They are monitoring my breathing. If I don’t hold my breath and stay completely still, I am going to die. I am not allowed to move at all, or they will know, and they will kill me.”

Honesty Sucks Again

So the big takeaway in this story about the Minnesota waitress who got a $12,000 tip, turned it into the police, and then had to sue to get it back is: if you find $12,000 in cash in a box and try to return that box to the person who left it, and that person says, “Keep it,” you should probably just do that and not call the police, because then not only will you have to hire a lawyer to get the money back, EVEN WORSE, you’ll now have to claim that income because the IRS reads the Internet just like everyone else.