Paying for Dinner

I recently stayed with two friends while visiting their city, and to thank them I told them that I wanted to take them out for dinner.

“No, no!” they said. “We’re just happy to host you while you’re visiting!”

I planned to pay for dinner anyway, and when we went out to dinner on our last night and the check arrived, I pulled out my card and insisted on paying—but my friends ended up handing their card to our waitress and told her to just split the bill.

This may seems like a silly question, but is there a nice way of insisting on picking up the check? — B.

How Do You Split the Cost of a Group Trip?

How do you split the cost of group trips?

Do You Need to Give a Full Two Week Notice When Quitting a Job?

How important is the two weeks notice?

The Very Late Follow-Up

The PWWBMS wrote back confirming the receipt of the project and said they would be in touch in the next couple of weeks. Spoiler: They didn't! It has now been over four months and now I am kicking myself for not following up earlier on - maybe a month after PWWBMS's email.

The Medical Billing Snafu

Medical billing gone wrong.

Buying a Gift For Someone Who Did You a Financial Favor

Recently he suggested I take a 'rent holiday' for a few months because I've got some other big bills to pay, which is a relief! However, it's also his birthday in a month and I had been thinking about getting him a Kindle — which now won't be that difficult to afford given the 'no rent' thing. What is the etiquette on how much to spend on a present for someone when they've just done you a financial favor?

I Got a Better Job, But I’m Afraid My New Insurance Won’t Cover a Scheduled Surgery

I was headhunted and offered a position with better pay, a better bonus, and more interesting responsibilities than at my current one. The thing that's stopping me is my insurance.

A Relationship Ends, But the Lease Does Not

We broke up. The worse news is that we were five months into a year-long lease that's in both our names (neither of us is the primary person on the lease), and now we have to figure out how to talk to the landlords about what's going on, and convince them to let us either change the lease, or break it altogether.

How Do Couples Use Joint Accounts?

The problem is how to use the joint account. Just bills? Groceries? Do groceries include beer from the liquor store?

How Can I Better Invest This Money My Boyfriend and I Plan to Use for Our Wedding?

My boyfriend and I don't make much money, but we've managed to build a healthy cushion, don't have credit card debt and have reasonable plans for our student debt. So this really is just "fun money" that we can use for a wedding in the next year or two.

Would It Be Awkward to Offer My Coworker Some of My Bonus Money?

I'm thinking of giving my poor coworker who is here as a contractor some money. Is that weird?

Should I Take a One-Year Dream Fellowship, Or a Great Job Offer From a Private Company?

My heart says fellowship, but my brain says job; I'm afraid that when I come back from the year abroad, my resume will seem out of date and I'll have to settle for underpaid admin work instead of this foothold into corporate management.