Beth Lisick On “Maybe This is My Thing!”

So this month's Emily Books pick is a book of short, hilarious essays by Beth Lisick called Yokohama Threeway. Beth has written four books, hosts a monthly storytelling series, is currently on our with Sister Spit, does comedy with Tara Jepsen, is an actress, a slam poet, a mom. So when I gotto interview her for Emily Books, a lot of our discussion ended up being about work, success, failure, and trying to get by. I love what she had to say about all of it:

My Boss Googled Me

This morning I was in a meeting where my boss projects his laptop on a screen and discusses stuff with the team. At one point he switched to a browser to show us something on the web. There was text in his Google search bar: My name. Why?

A+ Insight About Work and Other Things Also from Mike White

His interview with NY Mag’s Denise Martin is supremely honest about his hopes and fears for Enlightened, his really truly excellent HBO show that has yet to be picked up for a third season. Read the whole thing.

Mike White on working with another human: “It reminds me of The Amazing Race: two people in a car, one wants to go left, one wants to go right, and you both want to go to the same place.”

Mike White on peaking: “I’m being totally honest because I’m in this anxious place, but I’m afraid this will be the best thing I ever do. I think it will be. That it might be over is sad.”

Mike White on THE BUSINESS: “I come from a place of worst-case scenario. It’s not the business for a cock-eyed optimist. Obviously I love the show, but it’s more like I need to move on with my life if we’re not doing this. I just wanna know. There’s no shoe left to drop as far as the criteria by which they’re going to make this decision.”