In the Corporate World You’re Not Working Unless You’re Working Too Hard

Jennifer Gilhoo examines corporate culture and the pressures and behaviors that eventually led her own company to instill some rules, like: Your first meeting of tomorrow has to be 10 hours after your last meeting of today. HA. GREAT RULE. (I quit.)

Don’t Stop Til You Drop

Three delightful British people explain why they are happily working at 80, 84, and 95. (“One of the challenges of getting older is that it is easier to create when you are really interested but it’s harder when you are not. If someone says to me, do something, and I don’t want to do it, I can’t do it at all. You can still do it if you want to, if you are moved to it.”) Good for them. There are also some people unhappily working in their 80s, and if you want to read about them, step right up. (“87-year-old Erika Weidner recently landed a job collecting tickets at a movie theater in Maplewood, N.J., making $7.25 an hour, four hours a week. She wants a second job but worries about her stamina…These days, Ms. Weidner’s rent devours all but $31 of her $1,566 monthly Social Security check.”)