Possibly the Least You Can Spend on Getting Legally Married in Great Britain

My husband and I got married last July. We wore jeans to the registry office, and except for the three friends who were our witnesses, no one knew anything about it until it was over. For us, it was perfect. As a side effect, it was also ridiculously cheap.

Sean Parker Defends His Wedding

Sean Parker had an expensive wedding in a redwood grove and didn't like how the media backlash that followed, so he wrote 9,000 words defending himself and gave it to TechCrunch. He could have simply said: "My wife and I had the wedding we wanted. We worked with a conservation group who helped us get it as right as possible. End of story."

Open Laptop, “Attend” Wedding

The Ruettingers spent $200 to connect their videocamera to a streaming server, but there are also streaming services that provide professional videographers at a cost of $800-$3,000, according to this WSJ story. Of course, you could always just skip the whole thing altogether.

Getting Married, But Without the Wedding

We got married in a judge's private office on a Friday afternoon. Besides my husband, the only other people present were my sister, and three close friends. I told my parents a week before we got married what our plans were, and they asked, "Why so quickly? What's the hurry?" It wasn't quick or sudden for us; we'd been talking about getting married for months. The major impediment we kept circling around was that we didn't want a wedding.

Tell Us About Your New Kind of Wedding Registry, Kathy Cheng

I took my disdain for wedding registries a step further and launched a wedding registry site to compete against all the greedy-retailer sites.

Ending Wedding Gifts

Today, Matthew Yglesias argues that we should "just say no" to wedding gifts.

A Conversation With a Kyrgyz Schoolteacher About Wedding Customs (And Costs)

The cost of a wedding in Kyrgyzstan.

A Thank You to My Daughter for Her Untraditional Wedding

Soon after her announcement, I received an e-mail invitation to a "Barbecue Wedding." What? No official wedding invitations? The dress is casual, the invitation said. Casual? I read on. Please bring a dish? No filet mignon, or stuffed chicken?

The Discounted Honeymoon

At The Week Lauren Hansen regales readers with the story about how she and her husband got married and, a wanting to save money, decided to put together a discounted honeymoon\ in New York City using daily deal sites like Groupon, Gilt, Google Offers, and others. On the agenda: a stay at a nice hotel, spa time, some nice meals, and a Broadway show.

Where Should We Stay for the Wedding?

S thought it might be fun to have some/all of the bridesmaids stay in a few houses near the venue, and her mom has reserved some houses. Below I've pasted the links to the places her mom reserved, as well as how many bedrooms each place has, and how much it will cost per night (these places might say they have no availability for the nights we need, but that's because she's already booked them).

Should Your Wedding Gift Cover Your Meal?

How much should you have to spend on a wedding gift?

Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

Apparently, "250,000 weddings are called off every year," which disrupts the Wedding Industrial Complex because it leaves a bunch of venue and vendors hanging. But this Bridal Brokerage firm will buy your cancelled wedding so you can recover some of your deposits back, and resells it to couples who are looking to have "beautiful, pre-planned weddings at a fraction of the price."