A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Is This the Right Time to Leave My Job?

I've worked for eight years at a job that I've mostly loved. In the past three years I've learned an enormous amount from my supervisor, and have grown tremendously in the position. This supervisor is moving on to another position, and the people above will most likely replace her with someone who's vision I don't share. She's done an incredible job in the past three years of shielding me and her other employees from the powers that be, who don't seem to understand the realities of our work. For the first time in eight years I'm looking very seriously at new positions. I have interviews, but I don't have any offers yet. I'm pretty hopeful about one position in particular coming through. Here's the dilemma that I face: If I leave the job, I would be one of the four people in leadership positions to leave all at once. The thought of what that would do to the organization, and how it will be managed after we leave, is quite devastating to me. But is that enough to stay? To complicate matters a bit more, I'm a very new mom and I worry about how the stress of a new job will make parenting in the first year that much harder. Help!

A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: How Generous Can a Medical Student in Debt Be?

My question is this: how do I approach donating money to good causes (friends' marathons, NPR fund drives, projects for teacher friends, etc.) when it feels like my money is not my own? Part of me feels like it's unwise to donate even small amounts of money with such hefty interest rates, but it's certainly not as if I don't spend that money on every other type of purchase (everything from books and gas to happy hour and birthday dinners).

A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Should We Use Our Money to See the World Now, Or Save for the Future?

My husband and I live well within our means in a very expensive city. We save what we can in his 401(k) and my Roth IRA. We have some accessible savings in our credit union, however we are not really saving much. We have prioritized world travel as our luxury. We are able to do this in an affordable way, considering the luxury, by often attaching our adventures to his work trips or relying on the kindness of friends who live or own abroad. The cost of the trips pale in comparison to the cost of things like raising a child (or two), or owning things! Would you say it's worth investing in our lives right now when a couple of thousand dollars allows us to see the world, or put all that money away (somewhere!) to help out a little in the future? To add, we will hopefully make more money in the future. Thanks!

A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: On a Parent-Child Relationship Based on Financial Support

So I guess what I'm wondering is this: How do I grow a financial backbone in the face of such generosity and how do I do this while maintaining a strong relationship with my father?