The Best Workhorse Laptop

In my 15 years of reviewing laptops — including dozens of computers in this class — it’s got the best combination of performance, value, durability and usability of anything else on the market. And I’m not alone in that opinion.

Here’s the Chef’s Knife You Should Buy

The Best Summertime Gear

For most, Summer peaks sometime between the summer solstice and the fourth of July, but in San Francisco, it never comes.

Maybe You’re Thinking About Buying an Air Conditioner

Let’s Be Mindful Together About This New Apple Stuff

The Best Water Bottle

Water is delicious and good. Bottled water is delicious and bad–it’s costly for the environment and consumers alike. After hours of research, I decided the $18 Klean Kanteen Classic is the bottle I’d use to tote my ice cold water in this summer.

You Probably Need a Standing Desk

But first, why would I want to buy a standing desk at all?

The Fan You’ll Want to Have When It’s Hot

When the heat and humidity set in this summer, I’m going to thank my lucky stars that I’m able to work in an air-conditioned office.

I’d Like A Big (Cheap!) TV, Please

Our pal Brian Lam knows that if we want a big TV, we’ll want the one that’s good, but also priced as low as possible. This is the TV he recommends.

The Perfect Flower Bouquet for Your Mom (by a White House Florist)

We generally focus on being awesome at finding your next piece of gear at Wirecutter but since it’s mother’s day and the gear of mother’s day tends to be flowers, here’s a quick and dirty guide to an excellent and not-ugly bouquet for mom. Of course, every mother’s taste will be different, but we trust Wendy Elsasser’s opinion on the subject. Why? Oh, she used to do flowers…for the White House.