Hopelessly Devoted to Wanting a Job

Are Retraining Programs Effective for the Unemployed?

There are few things that both the Democratic and Republican tickets agree on, but one of them is the importance of getting the unemployed into job retraining programs. The question is: Do job retraining programs work?

Surviving Unemployment by Going to Disneyland

There were a few months during the recession when I joined the ranks of the unemployed, and I forced myself to treat each day like a work day.

A Visit to Seattle’s Unemployment Office

Seven years later, I was back in Seattle and on unemployment again. I received a letter in the mail telling me that I had to report to the local WorkSource, Washington State’s unemployment office, in two weeks to have my resume reviewed, take classes on resume writing, looking for work, interviewing, and other training courses.

Standing in the County Line

It’s 10:30 a.m. on a Wednesday in Los Angeles. I’m one of the 60-plus people anxiously waiting in Lobby 1 of the Department of Social Services. I’m not the only one here seeking government aid, but I’m 100 percent sure I’m the only person sitting here with a bachelor’s degree from one of the country’s top private Universities.

Dying for Work

According to the Associated Press, a Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper says that this is a publicity stunt done in bad taste. It may also be a visceral representation of how a lot of out-of-work Americans are actually feeling right now.

Tales from the ‘Lost Generation’: Newly Unemployed

Two days ago, I removed my pastrami sandwich from the office fridge, found two pieces of gum stashed underneath my computer monitor, and walked out of my poorly-paid internship in the middle of the work day without telling my editors. I quietly quit.

Out-of-Work out on Long Island

What it’s like to be unemployed and living on Long Island.

It’s Not Easy to Get Back Up After You’ve Fallen

A profile of some middle class people who went from having stable jobs before the recession, to losing their homes and sleeping in their cars, and having to psychologically adjust to becoming homeless after the economy tanked

Who Would You Fire?

Say you have four employees in front of you and you have to get rid of one. Which one would you fire?