A Few Reasonable Suggestions For The Upcoming Season Of “Gilmore Girls”

The way news travels in cyberspace, I’m sure you guys have already heard a thousand times by now, but it bears repeating—they’re back! They’re finally back!

The Brand That Slid Into My Instagram DMs

This is the first time I’ve ever had a consumerist enterprise slide into my DMs, and I was…not mad!

How To Get Rid Of A Cold

I get the same cold twice a year. I know according to “science” and “medicine” and other made-up things it cannot possibly be the same cold every time, but it feels like the same cold every time, usually in October and April, and for a while it was a life-ruiner.

Since Living Alone

The only person who might interrupt my thoughts is me.

My Life in Fashion

My life in fashion began in grade 10, when Toni got me a job at the Catholic school uniform store whose owners lived next to her parents.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

It was the end of something, and the beginning of something else—a creative middle class that seemed, for a hot minute, totally accessible.

One Big Question: What Do You Want People To Say About You After You’ve Left The Room?

Let’s just be honest with ourselves: of course people gossip about us.

The Best Time I Stopped Wearing Tight Clothing

By far the worst phenomenon of the last decade has been “skinny jeans,” designed by a male sadist, miniature pairs tested on dead lab rats.

The Killer Inside My Apartment

I have never liked killing bugs, especially ones that pose no direct threat to me.

When Stress Fantasies Turn Dark

Stress Fantasy: I become an itinerant hippie. Living on the road, I never have to worry about domestic business. I make friends all over the world and their love follows me wherever I go.