The Killer Inside My Apartment

I have never liked killing bugs, especially ones that pose no direct threat to me.

When Stress Fantasies Turn Dark

Stress Fantasy: I become an itinerant hippie. Living on the road, I never have to worry about domestic business. I make friends all over the world and their love follows me wherever I go.

How To Be Your Own Life Coach

It turned out I was a pretty good life coach. I was told by one friend that he would have gladly paid for my services and by another that it was better than therapy.

A Canadian Visits a Gift Shop in Our Nation’s Capital

To be fair, we are equally confused.

How A Lazy Person Cooks Indian Food

How To Buy & Wear A Bra: A Guide For The Truly Ample-Bosomed

Working Hard Is What Women Do: An Interview With The Producers of “Iris”

A Millennial Revenge Fantasy

The Best Time I Was The Only Passenger Aboard A Cargo Freighter Container Ship Across the Pacific Ocean

“Boy, Are You..”