The Daily Show on Wall Street Accountability

Last night, The Daily Show’s John Oliver took on one of my favorite subjects: How the big banks have a tendency to break the law and suffer very little consequences for doing so.

Merrill Lynch Gave Female Trainees a Book Called ‘Seducing the Boys Club’

Kat Stoeffel has excerpts from Seducing the Boys Club, and it’s just as gross as you already imagine it to be.

Banks Still Doing Bad Things

In case you missed it: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, our country’s top energy regulator, accused JPMorgan of Chase of manipulating power markets in California and the Midwest, gaming the market to get consumers to pay more for electricity. JPMorgan is expected to pay a fine of at least $400 million.

Risky Business Back

According to The Wall Street Journal, investors are looking for a way to juice their returns so bankers in London from J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and Morgan Stanley are putting together synthetic collateralized debt obligations—you know, those things that helped crashed our economy a few years ago.

For a refresher, see this terrific comic by ProPublica.

Alternative Bank of America Email Alerts

Bank of America Alert.

The Bank and the Typo that Ruined a Man’s Life

The most tragic part of this story is mentioned in the very first sentence.

‘How many billions of dollars do you have to launder for drug lords before somebody says, we’re shutting you down?’

Q: “When Did You Last Take a Wall Street Bank to Trial?” (A: “…”)

Read This Libor Story

Matt Levine on Investment Bankers

Matt Levine’s most recent “Ask a Banker” column for Planet Money is one of the best things to read right now, and I’m kiiiiind of jealous we couldn’t snap him up to do a column for us.