The Bank and the Typo that Ruined a Man’s Life

The most tragic part of this story is mentioned in the very first sentence.

‘How many billions of dollars do you have to launder for drug lords before somebody says, we’re shutting you down?’

Q: “When Did You Last Take a Wall Street Bank to Trial?” (A: “…”)

Read This Libor Story

Matt Levine on Investment Bankers

Matt Levine’s most recent “Ask a Banker” column for Planet Money is one of the best things to read right now, and I’m kiiiiind of jealous we couldn’t snap him up to do a column for us.

What Kind of Trouble Can the Banks Stir Up?

And these are things that have only come to the surface. Who knows what other things are lurking in the shadows.

Post Bailout Thank You

Why Trust Banks?

The Atlantic’s cover story for January and February is this really terrific piece that looks at the immense lack of transparency that banks have when it comes to how, why, and where banks are investing money, and how a recent slew of criminal activity banks have engaged in in the past couple of years (remember LIBOR? Or HSBC helping drug dealers launder money?) have caused not only the general public to lose their trust in banks, but elite investors who have the power to move markets as well.

But Back to that HSBC Thing

Our Woman in the Senate Banking Committee

Elizabeth Warren v. the banks.

Fees Waived Because of Hurricane, But Not Because They’re Evil and Wrong

What Is Capitalism, By Jamie Dimon

Capitalism, defined.

How Does a Made-Up Rate Hurt People I Don’t Understandddddd (Heidi N. Moore Explains)

The Junk Mail Windfall

Patrick Combs received a non-negotiable junk mail check for $95,093.35, and as a joke, decided to go to an ATM machine and deposit the check into his account. The crazy thing is that it worked.

Credit Union Employees Brilliant Evil Geniuses