Do 1 Thing Like This Guy, Leave A $2K Tip At Your Favorite Restaurant

I wish my one thing were to totally make someone’s day, like this guy in DC did when he tipped $2,000 on a $93 tab — to be split among the chef, the owner, and the bartender at his favorite gumbo joint.

It’s The Real Do 1 Thing

My 1 thing is to create an iconic advertising campaign. No. Wait. It’s to buy a birthday card. But I’ll pick an iconic birthday card!

Because Doing 1 Thing Feels GREAT (Afterwards)

Though my local Target is a hell dimension of fluorescent lights, empty shelves, and dazed, tortured-looking employees, it’s where we get our diapers.

With My Freeze Ray I Will Do 1 Thing

I bet you can’t guess what my one thing is.

Do 1 Thing! Because Things Are Good

Do or Do Not 1 Thing; There Is No Try

Do 1 Things don’t always have to be terrible and tedious! Sometimes they can be awesome!

Thursdays Mean Doing That 1 Thing

What about you? What’s your 1 thing this week?

Who Knows One [Thing]? I Know One [Thing]

Is your one thing Easter or Passover related?

Do A Non-1-Direction-Related Thing

I am sad and sluggish for my own reasons to do with this endless winter and I need to shake it off and DO ONE THING.

Do Do That 1 Thing That You Do So Well

My one thing is to empty my compost bin into the apartment’s bigger compost bin and wash my compost bin out so I can start refilling it. Composting is the law, I guess, in Seattle? Something like that. All I know is that washing out the compost bin is gross and I put it off for as long as possible.