It’s The Real Do 1 Thing

My 1 thing is to create an iconic advertising campaign. No. Wait. It's to buy a birthday card. But I'll pick an iconic birthday card!

Do 1 Thing! Because Things Are Good

Thursday is a great day to do that 1 thing you don’t want to do but also don’t want to continue thinking about doing. 

A long time ago, or so it seems, because we’re talking about almost two years ago, I worked in Development for a non-profit that had a gala, and, because this is what you do, I invited lots of people I knew who might even tangentially be interested in said non-profit and its gala. One of those people, a family friend, came up from DC to attend the gala, which I very much appreciated — and, at the auction that accompanied the main event, he bid on and won something! A guided tour of the Met, given by one of our very knowledgeable board members.

Fast forward to now and the non-profit no longer exists. Former co-workers and board members alike have scattered to the four winds. My family friend, though, finally has a chance to come to New York, he tells me, and he is excited to take that tour of the Met! Oh lord.

My 1 thing, then, is to email the former board member, remind him of his commitment, and hope that he will indeed still be willing and able to give my family friend what he paid for. Wish me luck!

Who Knows One [Thing]? I Know One [Thing]

Is your one thing Easter or Passover related?

Because Doing 1 Thing Feels GREAT (Afterwards)

Though my local Target is a hell dimension of fluorescent lights, empty shelves, and dazed, tortured-looking employees, it's where we get our diapers.

Do or Do Not 1 Thing; There Is No Try

Do 1 Things don't always have to be terrible and tedious! Sometimes they can be awesome!

Do A Non-1-Direction-Related Thing

I am sad and sluggish for my own reasons to do with this endless winter and I need to shake it off and DO ONE THING.

With My Freeze Ray I Will Do 1 Thing

I bet you can't guess what my one thing is.

Thursdays Mean Doing That 1 Thing

What about you? What's your 1 thing this week?

Do Do That 1 Thing That You Do So Well

My one thing is to empty my compost bin into the apartment's bigger compost bin and wash my compost bin out so I can start refilling it. Composting is the law, I guess, in Seattle? Something like that. All I know is that washing out the compost bin is gross and I put it off for as long as possible.