Parks and Rec and Money

Parks and Rec has always been about ambition and aspiration, and I didn't realize until very recently just how much it was about financial aspiration as well.

Why Women Should Watch The Good Wife

Why The Good Wife is a Good Show.

TV on the Internet

I paid for and enjoyed having cable television when I lived with roommates, but when I decided to live alone, keeping expenses low meant cutting the cable cord and not owning a television. I had a Netflix subscription with a two-DVDs-at-a-time plan, but even that was eventually whittled down to a $7.99 a month streaming-only subscription, supplemented with the occasional iTunes movie rental.

An Analysis of Financial Affairs in the Musical Drama, “Nashville”

Nashville is also a show about money—nearly all the plot points are driven by it.

Wil Wheaton Asks Audience to Watch His Show in a Way That “Counts”

The first episode of “The Wil Wheaton Project” aired for free on Hulu.

The second episode? Only available on Syfy.

Technically, you can stream it on Hulu if you are “a subscriber to one of the following participating TV providers,” e.g. Dish, Verizon, etc. It’s also streamable at if you have an account with a valid TV provider. It is not currently available for purchase on its own unless you work through a provider or cable company; you can’t buy an episode for $1.99 on iTunes or Amazon.

This is frustrating not only to potential viewers, but also to Wil Wheaton. As he wrote on his website:

I’ve heard from countless people who legally watched our first episode that they wanted to watch our second one, but discovered that they couldn’t watch it in a legal way. It’s out of my control, so I can’t do anything except point out over and over and over again that the show is losing potential viewers, and that’s really frustrating to me.