Professor Dumpster Moves Out of the Dumpster, Begins Couchsurfing

Professor Dumpster is moving out of the dumpster—and if you live in Austin, he might be coming to a couch near you.

Back to the Land Without Health Care

On Tuesday, Olga interviewed Mark Schneider and Val Phillips, resident stewards of Shii Koeii community farm, and a reader asked them about how they manage to live without health care, and what their plans for retirement are. I didn't want their responses buried in the comments section, so I'm posting it here.

Professor Dumpster Is Everywhere

Remember the days before anyone had heard of Benedict Cumberbatch? He was in the world, Cumberbatching, but nobody had figured out he was there—and then, BAM!, he was suddenly starring in every movie and TV show ever.

I’m starting to feel that way about Professor Dumpster.

When we last left our intrepid Dumpster hero, he was the subject of an Atlantic feature article that began “Tucked behind the women’s residence halls in a back corner of Huston-Tillotson University’s campus in Austin, Texas, sits a green dumpster…”

Well, this morning there’s a new Salon feature, “My Boyfriend Lives in a Dumpster.” Guess who the piece is about.

Going Back to the Land: An Interview with the Stewards of the Shii Koeii Community Farm

I emailed with Mark Schneider and Val Phillips, resident stewards of Shii Koeii, the farm I got to help tend for a few weeks this summer, and asked them how the sausage gets made and about living sustainably. Take notes now for when the Internet collapses.

Professor Dumpster Still Trying To Make Dumpster Happen

Remember Dumpster Dad, who decided, after his divorce, to move into a dumpster? And then wrote this unnerving “It Happened To Me” story for XOJane which included the detail that the dumpster was behind the women’s dormitory at the university where he taught? (Seriously, were there no dumpsters behind the business school? Or the environmental studies program?)

Well, Dumpster Dad is back, and he’s now been promoted to Professor Dumpster. The Atlantic has a lengthy feature on Professor Dumpster (aka Jeff Wilson), one of those sweet glossy features with animated GIFs and dumpster schematics, and here are a few of the updates on Professor Dumpster’s life:

—People actually call Wilson “Professor Dumpster.” I have no idea if this generated naturally or if it is Wilson’s self-styled nickname (and BRAND). I do know that it is the name on Wilson’s Instagram.