What Your Car Décor Says About You

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Next to your home and your office, you probably spend a good portion of your free time in your car. That’s why it’s a good idea to not only choose one with sleek styling (like the chrome accents and Rear-lip Spoiler on the KIA Optima), but to also personalize your ride so you can feel at home behind the wheel. Of course, similar to how you drive or what kind of music you’ve got blasting with the windows rolled down, your car décor can say a lot about who you are as a person.

Find out the impression your car bling might be having on others…

How to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

By Dr. Jeff Godin Ph.D., CSCS, CISSN and Tammy Godin, B.A.B.

Seventy-eight percent of people fail at achieving their New Year’s resolution. Why? Is it because their goals are too lofty and will-power is crushed? Maybe they are in the contemplation stage of making a habit change and don’t know how to prepare and take action. Or is it because they are focused on the negative and not the positive aspects of their goal? Is it because they are extrinsically motivated, not intrinsically motivated, and when results don’t happen overnight they get frustrated?.

Some common New Year’s resolutions are, “I am going to lose weight,” “I am going to exercise more,” “I am going to learn a new language.” Regardless of the resolution, the key is to develop a SOLID PLAN.

Operation: Support Small Business With Bill Rancic

In this latest video from Intuit, they’ve recruited best-selling author and celebrity entrepreneur Bill Rancic to shine a light on small businesses and the important impact they have on the economy. Rancic visits a small business owned by a mother and her son and ends up giving the owners a heartwarming surprise.

This is all a part of their Small Business Big Game program that continues to give small biz owners the chance to win their very own 30-second television ad that will air during the third quarter of football’s biggest game on Feb 2. More than 10,000 small businesses have advanced to round two and are looking for votes to help them move forward.

You can vote for your favorite business to help them get to the next phase at smallbusinessbiggame.com and join the Small Business Big Game conversation on Facebook and Twitter using #TeamSmallBiz.

5 Signs It’s Time For A New Car

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There are lots of valid reasons for driving the same car for a real long time. For starters, it’s probably all paid off, and not having a monthly bill allows you to spend extra money on fun stuff like vacations. Maybe you’re so overwhelmed with work, school, and/or family stuff that the thought of car shopping is daunting. Or, perhaps your car is like an old friend that has sentimental value – you even gave it a name!

Despite all of these reasons, the time will come when you must part ways and treat yourself to a new ride. If affordability, style, safety, and a smooth ride are on your new car wish list, you should start your search with KIA’s Optima and Soul vehicles.

But first you have to let go of your old clunker. Here is how you know when the time has come.