Our Snacks, Ourselves

I'm not quite sure how I even found Snacks Quarterly, an internet publication for the "distinguished snack enthusiast," but here we are.

The Best and Worst of FroYo

BEST From the frozen yogurt shop. Maybe you’re a little bit drunk. One flavor, or two mixed. None of this try a little bit of a lot stuff. Whether  you go with happiness (sprinkles, oreas, brownies, fudge) or with health (berries), it’s great snack, any time of day. Five to ten dollars, eaten in five to ten minutes. 

The Worst $2.99 I Spent This Weekend (Ever?)

DIY Hostess Snacks

"There has to be a way to recreate all those products if you really wanted them."

The Best Snacks (In Mostly Ascending Order)

Last week, Mallory Ortberg (who also happens to happen another funny text correspondence today on The Hairpin) told me that Clif Bars are terrible snacks, so I asked her to send me a listicle of the best things to eat between meals.

You Really Can Rationalize Anything

At the hotel I'm hanging out in, there isn't a mini-bar ... there's an Honor Bar.

How Your Processed Cheese Slice Gets Made

Fries and sodas and burgers.

Vote With Your Dollars, Vote for Banana Pudding

Cupcakes are stupid.

Selling Things for Fun and Profit

How much money do the guys selling fruit snacks on the train actually make?