Six Stories About Our Lines of Work

• Julie Beck recalled her time working at a pizza parlor. ("We were supposed to weigh our cheese in a little metal bowl on a little metal scale and limit each pie to a scant few ounces. I felt the customers should get their money's worth of mozzarella, so I would grab it by the fistful and plop it on with abandon.")

Our Favorite Gadgets And Tools

Excluding your phone and laptop, what is your favorite tool or gadget?

5 Sick Stories About Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll

1. Caroline Leung talked to her friend who does sex work in Canada (“She has no problem calling herself a hooker, or prostitute, or what her clients prefer: an escort.”)

2. Michael Hobbes talked to his friend who did sex work in Denmark (“On the night when he first began his transition from IT administrator to freelance prostitute, Henrik opened the Excel file called ‘personal economy.’”)

3. + 4. Jeff Winkler wrote about his drug dealer (“Part of my philosophy in selling drugs is that I’m not going to actively seek it out.”) and his drinking problem (“Last month, I made about $500 dollars, about $250 of which went toward booze.”)

5. S.T. VanAirsdale bought and sold his dream guitar (“I have gone through most of my adult life being irresponsible. I go to work not to make a living so much as to have the wherewithal to do stupid things.”)