The High Cost of Renting in Los Angeles (and Nationwide)

Southern California Public Radio station 89.3 KPCC is doing a project on the "rent crunch" in Los Angeles.

The Apartment Hunt

Hi Ben — I saw this ad you posted for a 1-bedroom: (link to ad). When is the move-in date?

The People Behind the Microstudios

In Harvard Magazine, the architects who won New York City's "microstudio" competition explain how they came up with their concept.

Get Your Landlord to Acknowledge That You’re Moving

Curbed NY is kicking off their "rental week" with a series of renter horror stories. They've started with this story about a tenant who was sued by a former landlord for not paying rent after vacating his apartment.

The Bait-and-switch Apartment Listing

It goes like this: You see a listing for an apartment on Craigslist (or a realty site) that sounds like it might be a great fit for you, but after contacting the broker you learn that it's already been rented. The broker convinces you to look at similar apartments, but none of them have the same qualities of the apartment you were initially interested in.

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back: Clean Your Filthy Apartment

Having evaluated the cleanliness of many an apartment and done the dirty work required to get it into shape for a new resident I know how to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Bloomberg Announces the Winning Design for His Micro-Unit Dreamhouse

Would you live in one if you were looking for a single space in Manhattan? In theory, it looks great.

One Day I’ll Be Forced to Move Out of This Town

I was lucky this year when my lease was up for renewal and my landlord didn't notify me that my rent was going to be raised, because it seems like rents are going up everywhere else.

Help! I’m Breaking My Lease

I have six months left on my lease (I live in D.C.), and I just have to move for personal reasons.

Pro: There’s a Place to Hang Clothes. Con: Everything Else

The staff at Tumblr linked to some of their favorite blogs of the moment, and one of them is called "THE WORST ROOM"—a blog about "trying to find affordable housing in New York City" but is really a blog about some of the saddest rooms for rent on the market for crazy amounts of money. One thousand dollars a month to live in someone's walk-in closet! Is there any air circulation? Who knows!? My stars.

Rental Payment History

I'm not sure if there's a lesson here besides: Make sure you have easy access to copies of major payments you've made somewhere. Thankfully, Chase had electronic copies of two years' worth of checks online.

Howdy, Neighbors

There are a total of eight units in my apartment building, and when I moved in, I made an effort to knock on people's doors and introduce myself. Some of my neighbors—the older, possibly retired ones—seemed wary of me. Who is this young person knocking on my door, and what does he want? Oh, he's just saying hello? Okay, goodbye!