Living Situations From Seattle to NYC

Where have you lived Julia Lipscomb?

Places I’ve Lived: A Black Tub, Missed Sunsets, And The Original Airbnb

The Rust Belt, a Biodynamic Farm, and Other Places I’ve Lived

Where have you lived, Nicole Johns?

Searching for a Dream Apartment But Finding Only Nightmares

Where have you lived, Zoe Daniels?

Long Days Journey Into Rent Stabilization

Where have you lived, Ian MacAllen?

A Life in Two Decades: In Brooklyn, in Massachusetts, in Hartford, Conn.

Where and how did you live, Josh?

Doing the Right Thing, Living With the Wrong People

Where have you lived, April Corbin?

When I Look Back, It Wasn’t So Bad, Really

Where have you lived, Philip Whitman?

The Roommates I’ve Had at the Places I’ve Lived

Remembering the people we’ve lived with.

A Young Woman, From Providence to New York

Where have you lived, Jaime Green?

An American Living in London (And Paris, And Edinburgh)

Where have you lived, Arianna Reiche?

Places I’ve Lived: Above a Coffee House, a Subsistence Farm in Tuscany, and a Chain of Remote Islands

Where have you lived, Lyndsie Bourgon?

Places I’ve Lived: Sleepwalking, Mice Herding, and Craigslist

Where have you lived, Katherine Coplen?

The Rental History Of An Academic Nomad

This fall marked the first time since 1999 that I’ve lived in the same dwelling for more than a year. That’s ridiculous, but it’s not because I have some unquenchable wanderlust. I’m just an academic, and we go where we’re told (or accepted).

Places I’ve Lived: TEXAS (& Brooklyn)

Where have you lived, Summer Anne Burton?