On ‘Dating Up’

The only other person I dated with some link to money came via my ex-boyfriend. His father owned a TV station in Utah and his mother clearly enjoyed the privilege—she dripped with jewelry and talked non-stop about their money.

Sickness, Death, and Money

My mom passed away when I was a junior in college, and she got sick when I was in high school. There were a lot of trips to doctors, many close calls at the ER, and many out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Say What You Will About Gender Roles LOL

In Salon, an essay by a self-described stay at home boyfriend: “Say what you will about modern times and gender roles in the 21st century, but there are still certain behaviors associated with manhood. Providing. Protecting. Being a stay-at-home boyfriend may look easy. But let’s say I’ve forsaken a certain amount of pride.”

I think it is totally fine to want to pay and to feel like you want to pay and say, I want to pay. But it’s not because you are a duuuuuuudddeeee, dude. And that’s what I have to say about gender roles.

A Tradition Among Farmers, When One of Them Gets Sick or Dies

This is a very nice story by Bart Schaneman about farmers and neighbors in Nebraska harvesting a fellow farmer’s sugar beets for him after he died. This is a thing farmers do for other farmers.

The Things About Money We Hide Behind Our Doors

I had a lot of guilt growing up in the Philippines, one of the poorest countries in the world, and going home to a massive six-bedroom house with two cars in an open garage. I recently read about spite houses, and I thought about how appropriate it was to call my childhood home the "house of spite." My neighbors constantly gawked at the sight of our house, and I was always so ashamed to be seen as that girl who lived in that house. People walked by our house and talked loudly about how great life would be if they lived in that house. It would have been great if the mistress of this house didn’t fill her long empty days with absolutely nothing.

“A Currency for Paid Friends”

I don't know what to make of this at all. It's like an alternate universe to me. I'm just going to leave this here.

It Has Happened (SCREAMS)

Via Publisher’s Marketplace: “Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman’s 40 DAYS OF DATING: THE BOOK, based on the viral social experiment with 2 million unique visitors, a designed, expanded look at the experiment between two friends and the results, including texts, conversations, artwork, photographs, and details of the romance before, during, and after the experiment that never made it onto the site, to Deborah Aaronson at Abrams, in a pre-empt, for publication in Fall 2014, by CAA. Screen rights previously acquired by Warner Bros.”

People I Owe Money to, the Sequel

Last year about this time I owed some people some money and made a little list. What a fun exercise that was. Let's play again.

Buying Gifts While Sharing an Account

In the Wall Street Journal, Katy McLaughlin talks about gift-giving in a relationship where both partners pool and share their money (basically, surprises are hard to pull off) She just opened up her own credit card account so she can surprise him this year, though writing a column about it and publishing it on the internet may let some of the cat out of the bag.

My Wife and I Fought About Money, So We Created a System to Fix It

The first year of our marriage, my wife and I fought about money all the time. Her shoulders raised in defense whenever I tried to talk about her debt, and I became passive-aggressive when asking about purchases I was seeing in our joint checking account. So we decided to figure out how to fix this.

Fancy Meals, Thanks to Mom and Dad

At Tablet, Jon Reiss discusses all the fancy restaurants he's eaten at thanks to his parents paying for dinner, and his desire to pay his own way as he hit his late twenties and started to find more success.