Adoption Fees, Court Costs, Taxes: The Hidden Costs of Same-Sex Parenthood

“The most exciting thing about having DOMA struck down is that our taxes went down by half.”

Phone Calls From Parents

I periodically get calls from my mother that lasts approximately 15 minutes and are focused solely on the state of my parents’ finances.

How to Date a Tech Millionaire

Show of hands: how many of us, when we peruse the online dating sites, find ourselves wary of messaging people who earn considerably more than we do?

When Love Crosses Class Lines

“In regards to money, work, housework, leisure, time, parenting, and emotions, people with working-class roots wanted to go with the flow and see what happened, while their spouses with middle-class backgrounds wanted to manage their resources by planning.”

Money, Power Dynamics and Finding Balance in a Relationship

During the first heady days of my moving to London, I texted this American guy I didn’t know very well and excitedly told him about how my rent was going to be reduced by £50 a month because I had chosen the smallest room, and he said, “You’re way too excited about that. Let me buy you dinner.” I knew he was one of the good ones.

The Cost of My Relationships

It is Relationships Month here at The Billfold, and—with just one week left—I decided I would share a bit about the costs of my own relationships.

My Financially Codependent Family

This summer I’m moving from Alabama to Texas with no job or savings, in part because of the way my family handles money.

Would You Ever Tell a Friend That They Were Making Bad Financial Decisions?

It seems obviously inappropriate to gang up on a coworker and stage a finance intervention about personal purchases, but what if the person were a close friend or family member? Have you ever told someone close to you that they were making bad financial decisions? Would you ever?

The Art of Losing Isn’t Hard To Master: J. Crew Shirt Edition

A few nights ago, Ben arrived home from work carrying several bags, none of them the one containing his newly bought shirt from J. Crew ($66, on sale).