Here Is Your Open Thread

— Companies that provide their employees with perks like catered lunches and workout classes have also created a role for people to manage those perks. The WSJ has a profile of one of those people in that role: Jen Nguyen, the "head of workplace" at Pinterest.

Here Is Your Open Thread

He said they’re also planning to innovate on Halloween night. Turned off by the people who came to their door last year, many of them adults or kids in street clothes, and few who said “trick or treat,” he decided to try something new: candy tiers. This year, they’ll reward those who play by Halloween’s basic rules — wear a costume, say “trick or treat” and be more or less a kid — by giving them pretty good candy. Those with amazing costumes will get better sweets. Those who don’t dress up at all or are of voting age or older will get a consolation prize: Dum Dums, which our neighbor considers the dregs of the candy pile.

— Roxana Popescu, in the New York Times, talking about a neighbor’s tiered candy-giving system this Halloween.

Photo: Vicki Watkis

Here Is Your Open Thread

Tamar Adler, in The New York Times Magazine, on cooking and eating when it's just you at the dinner table.

Open Thread: When Do You Replace Your Phone?

EXCLUSIVE: Mike has had his iPhone four years and the battery is dying so he thinks he’s going to spring for the new one.

Ester says she only gets new electronics of any kind “when my brothers tell me to and/or buy them for me, and/so i still have a 4.”

Nicole has had her phone since 2012: “I do not know when I will replace it. I’ll probably replace it when it stops functioning to the point where it becomes unusable. It is already slow and I’m already thinking, ‘ooh, I’d like a better phone,’ but I bet I’ll wait until at least next summer or probably longer. I also have a HTC EVO.”


I shattered my phone about a year ago and emailed my friend and former coworker Marco, who is an app developer, what kind of phone I should buy. He was basically like, “I have a lot of phones lying around, you can have one.” I was supposed to give it to him once the new one came out a few months later but um, hi Marco I’m sorry I still have your phone.


Mike: Before that I had a flip phone that I think I had for another four years. So I guess it really is every four years for me.

Meaghan: Your phone is like political office!

Mike: Omg. I just looked down at my phone and it texted me “FOUR MORE YEARS!!!”