Getting My Financial House in Order Before I Get My Physical House in Order

It makes sense that I still feel broke, because I’m paying off all of the expenses I had when I was, actually, broke.

On Living The Dream, And Living To Regret It (Sort Of)

I longed to trade my two hour commute for a fifteen minute bike ride. I imagined the adobe cabin we could live in, surrounded by desert emptiness.

Apartment Hunts, Communities of Excellence, and Living in NYC on $5,000 a Year

Startup Castle is offering single rooms at $1,750/mo and shared rooms at $1,000/mo. But the ideal applicant can’t watch more than 4 hours of TV a week, can’t have more than one tattoo, and can’t have attended more than one protest in their lifetime.

Location, Location, Location: Where To Move When You Could Go Anywhere

It feels strange to move without some kind of practical driving force; yet in looking ahead at the next decades of my life, I want to spend my time in a place I enjoy.

Moving 15 Blocks To My Own Place Cost $2550+ I am THRILLED

+ Portable charger to keep my phone alive during viewings, $35.
+ Bottles of water grabbed between viewings, $3.
+ Emergency granola bar to keep from fainting one day in the August heat, $1.50.

The Cost of Moving Your Stuff Across the Country

My trunk and back seat of my compact vehicle only allowed me to bring a fraction of my current possessions, so I dumped a lot of free and near-free furniture I’ve acquired over the years and any books I could get as e-books through the Los Angeles Public Library digital media borrowing program (hint: if you never turn your Kindle’s Wi-Fi on and just use the USB to transfer books onto your Kindle, you can never lose your “borrowed” books).

Staying Rather Than Going

Data from the 2013 Census Bureau shows that 4.8 million Americans moved across state lines last year, as compared to 5.7 million in 2007 and 7.5 million in 1999—the number of people who are moving have dropped by half since the ’90s. Why is that? Annie Lowery says in the Times magazine that a shift in our economy and labor market may have something to do with it—the rise of the internet has made it easier for people to access information about jobs, and there are far fewer people moving for manufacturing and service jobs because manufacturing jobs have decreased dramatically in the last two decades.

How I Am Justifying Hiring Movers

• It’ll save my back!

What It Cost Me to Move from Wisconsin to Alabama

In the spirit of adventure and interesting job opportunities, and the fact that I’m 24, relatively unattached, and have few obligations—save for the bills which can always electronically snake behind you into any college town—I made the move last week from my hometown of Green Bay, Wis. to Auburn, Ala. I’m only now just getting my feet planted in my new home town.

The Cities We Leave

Cord Jefferson left New York City, and was glad he had the opportunity.