This Week In Millennials: Everyone Hates Us But What If We’re Secretly Great

Poverty is pathologized, but empathy helps. What if our social media obsessions make us better at empathy?

This Week, in Millennials: What Ambition Means To Us

“What got the top vote as ‘most important’ factor from the Millennials? ‘Meaningful work’ was listed more often than six other factors, including high pay.”

A Cautionary Tale About Generation Gig

Nearly 80% of us would be interested in dropping out of the FT workforce to go freelance.

Do You Venmo?

How to Be a Boss Boss

What Aren’t We Spending Money On?

At TIME, Jacob Davidson goes through some of the data and makes a list of 10 things that Millennials aren’t buying. Are you not buying these things? Let’s go through them one by one.

Cars, Houses, And other Millennial Milestones

A Boomer Measures His Son’s Success

Millennials in Washington

Millennials Now Earning a Median-Wage Income at Age 30

Millennials With Dollar$ to Spend

Please Don’t Bring Your Parents to Your Job Interview

“The Millennial job interview prospect brings a resume, a crisp suit… and parents,” read the caption at the top of this Wall Street Journal story. Sorry, but no. Yes, you can talk to your parents and get career advice from them. But you don’t need them to accompany you for job interviews or smell out a place so that they can feel better about your career choice. Live your own life millennials! Or Joel Stein is going to come after you.

The TIME Cover is Upsetting, But the Video, Oh God the Video

By now you have probably seen this week’s cover of TIME and run away screaming. The story, by Joel Stein, is behind a paywall, but I have taken a look at it and in case you were wondering, yes, it’s what you expect it to be.

Can You Wear a Cocktail Dress to Work?

Portland Monthly has an interview with Kelly Williams Brown, who recently penned a book titled Adulting: How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps, and will be doing a book launch at Housing Works on Thursday (Billfold pal Lindsey Weber will also be there). I’d also like to propose “formal Fridays” where we all wear cocktail attire to work.

Some Things Are More Affordable for the Unluckiest Generation

Derek Thompson provides some bad news about the Y generation (average debt for graduates of public universities doubled in a decade; grownup stages like buying a home are being deferred) before offering a tiny bit of good news (young people are “living in an age of affordable abundance”—especially when it comes to entertainment where things like music, movies can be streamed at little cost.