Who the Minimum Wage Workers Are

While the president's proposed plan to increase the federal minimum wage to $10.10 languishes in a divided Congress, the Upshot's Jared Bernstein reports that as many as 34 states may propose minimum wage increases on their ballots this year. Who would benefit from an increase in the minimum wage? Bernstein looked at the numbers.

At Long Last: A Dating Site For Communists

So OKComrade is currently a Facebook page, though they hope to turn it into an app soon. It is unfortunately not as tongue-in-cheek as I had hoped. Lots of photos of cats, though.

Happy Equal Pay Day!

Today is not a day to celebrate equal pay between the genders, as that does not exist. By "equal pay day" we (we?) mean, Happy This is How Many Extra Days Women Would Have To Work To Make As Much As Men Did In 2013 Day. Ladies, we are done working for 2013 now, hypothetically! And boy am I tired. As you may have heard, women earn on average 77 cents out of every dollar paid to their male counterparts. Here are some more SAD FACTS, courtesy of the National Women's Law Center, who is covering the pay gap all week.

Walmart Employees Working Hard, Going on Food Stamps

Walmart brings in more food stamp revenue than any other company, and much of it comes from their employees.

What Happens When You Start Earning a Living Wage

Gothamist has really terrific profiles of five of the 1,400 workers at Resorts World Casino who saw their pay double from $10-$12/hour to $20 or more, plus benefits after their union struck a new contract deal for them. Here's Jeannine Nixon, who works at the casino as a customer relations representative.

Women in Favor of Increasing the Minimum Wage

Payscale, a company that provides compensation information, asked 11,000 of its users last December whether they believed the minimum wage should be raised to $15 an hour.

If Walmart Paid Workers a Living Wage

Marketplace and Slate have been working on a joint project about food stamps. They previously reported that big box stores like Walmart pay many of their workers so little that they qualify for foodstamps—which they then use at the stores they work in. Andrew Bouvé produced this video looking at how paying workers at Walmart a living wage could potentially affect prices at Walmart.

A Wal-Mart Manager Talks About His Experience

Earlier this month, the Times reported that President Obama was seeking to expand overtime pay to millions of workers including "fast-food managers, loan officers, computer technicians and others whom many businesses currently classify as 'executive or professional' employees to avoid paying them overtime."

Seattle: America’s First Large City Approves a $15 Minimum Wage

.@Mayor_Ed_Murray is here! Is he excited about this historic vote? "…Yeah. Tired but happy." pic.twitter.com/se3Wd7lcMd

— Ansel (@Ansel) June 2, 2014

Seattle, Washington’s nine-member City Council unanimously voted to raise the local minimum wage to $15 an hour, more than double the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. It won’t happen immediately: The hourly minimum wage will jump to $11 an hour starting next year for large employers like Starbucks, and then according to the Times, “will rise to $15 by 2017 for employers with more than 500 workers that do not provide health insurance, and by 2018 for those large employers who do.”

Two Sides of How Businesses are Dealing With Minimum Wage Increases

The Wall Street Journal has a pretty even-handed examination of how increases in the minimum wage has affected businesses in various cities across the U.S., focusing on San Jose, Calif. where locals voted to increase the minimum wage to $10.15 hour in 2012.

Cheering for a Small Wage and Looking to Change the System

Some weekend reading: Earlier this year, we had a short post about how the cheerleaders for the Oakland Raiders were suing for wage theft. ESPN Magazine has a really good feature story about Lacy T., the cheerleader who "filed a lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court alleging that the Raiders fail to pay their cheerleaders minimum wage for all hours worked, withhold pay until the end of the season, require cheerleaders to cover their own business expenses, don't provide lunch breaks and impose fines for minor infractions -- all of which, according to the suit, constitute violations of the California Labor Code."

Restaurant Week With Fair Labor Practices

Here's a spin on "restaurant week," which happens in various cities across the country and allows diners to try prix fixe lunches and dinners at participating restaurants for what is usually a fraction of the price: High Road Restaurant Week.