A Gemstone in the Rough

I sometimes wonder if catering attracts a specific kind of person, a kind of cultural voyeur, someone who takes an almost lascivious delight in watching other people make fools of themselves—by which I mean simply trying, at life.

The Story of a 15-Year-Old Working Stiff

I started working early enough that I had to go to my high school’s office and get a work permit, which I can only assume was to confirm that I wasn’t being forced into child labor.

Finding Work-Work-Life Balance With Parallel Careers

In order to live a financially viable lifestyle, it is easiest to create multiples avenues of income. But doesn’t this just mean that an actor is working a day job? Not necessarily.

My Nine Months as an Uber Customer Service Rep

In 2014, I spent nine months as an Uber Customer Service Representative. I found the posting on Craigslist while looking for telecommuting jobs. At the time I didn’t think it would be the job I would later leave off of my resume.

When ‘Do What You Love’ Is A Trap But ‘Do What You’re Paid For’ Is Too

In the Times this week, psychologist and author Barry “Paradox Of Choice” Schwartz pointed out that the vast majority of us don’t like our jobs or find them meaningful, and that that’s a huge waste of human potential.

Working for the Office of Financial Aid, as a Student and as an Adult

I had such high hopes for the things we’d be able to do to help students. I remembered all too well what it had been like to be ill-equipped and subsequently (and also needlessly) graduate with more debt than I knew what to do with, and I was confident I could make a difference.

Dissecting Cats With High School Students

As a first-year high school teacher, I was required to lead a cat dissection unit. This is my story.

Shit Work

I’ve dealt with a lot of shit throughout my career.

Touring Israel With 8th Graders

Whenever I find myself between jobs, or in a lean patch, I always seem to fall back on hadracha, staffing youth trips as they come to visit Israel for two weeks or longer.

Confessions of a Wedding Singer

I now make half my living as a wedding singer, and I got no shame about that. Being a wedding singer is possibly, by far, the best job I’ve ever had.