Last Hundred Bucks: Graduate School Finals Edition

I took out one hundred dollars in cash on Black Wednesday and didn’t spend it. Then I decided to go full-on hermit (and straight-edge!) for finals, making it easy to keep track of where the cash went (which, let’s face it, I was stressed so my spending was focused on eating).

My Last Hundred Bucks: Normal Texas Stuff

Where’d your last hundred bucks go, Briana Wucinski?

The Last Night

My Last Hundred Bucks: It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll)

My AC/DC cover band played a show the night before Halloween. I dressed as an angel, because it amused me to imagine someone in such a costume singing about large testicles, murder and going to hell.

My Last Hundred Bucks: The Wine That Didn’t Want to Make It to the Dinner Party

How did you spend your last hundred dollars, Evan?

My Last Hundred Bucks: Football, Heat Stroke, and Crying in Public

How’d you spend your last $100, Spenser?

My Last Hundred Bucks: A Los Angelesman in New York

Where’d your last hundo go, Christian Brown?

My Last Hundred Bucks: Things Add Up

How’d you spend your last hundo, Audrey Ference?

My Last Hundred Bucks: Essential Supplies and Provisions

How’d you spend your last hundo, Nicole Cliffe?

My Last Hundred Bucks: Yes, I Live in Brooklyn, How Did You Know?

Where’d your last hundo go, Devon Maloney?

My Last Hundred Bucks: Welcome, Freshmen

Where’d your last hundo go?

My Last Hundred Bucks: Parking, The Best Avocado Sando, and Who Knows What from Starbucks

Where’d your last hundo go, Eric Spiegelman?

My Last Hundred Bucks: Books, Books, Books, Cigs

Where did you last hundred bucks go, Bennett Madison?

My Last Hundred Bucks(ish)

Where did your last hundo go, Molly Lorz?

My Last Hundred And Fifty Bucks: And Then Summer Was Over

Where’d your last hundo go, Shannon Palus?