Intern to Investigate Unpaid Internships

ProPublica, a nonprofit that produces investigative stories in the public interest, recently raised $23,000 on Kickstarter to hire an intern to help them investigate unpaid internships, which is especially newsworthy this week since another nonprofit's editor-at-large ignited outrage when it posted about an unpaid internship opportunity on her Facebook feed. You can meet ProPublica's new intern here.


The Week asks a bunch of questions about "permaterns" and attempts to answer them.

Unpaid Internships Won’t Necessarily Get You a Job

Jordan Weissmann looked at a survey by NACE showing that college students who do unpaid internships are more likely to get a job than students who never interned (though students who do paid internships are).

More Responsibilities (No Money)

Okay, fine, this is part of an Onion article about unpaid internships, but it could also be a real piece.

Some Well-Paid Interns Exist, More Should

Interns at Google make $5,800—$6,700 per month if they know how to do very specific special computer things. I've made some serious missteps that I'm going to go sit in a corner and think about, peace.

Young people: Just wanted to put a quick note here that there are internships you can do that actually pay you (as least in New York City). They exist!