Finding A Hotel While Down And Out

Disclaimer: Most of the knowledge included is provided by my boyfriend, who works in the hospitality industry.

Life Hacks

Experiences over things—that’s one of the top “life hacks” on this Quora thread about things that people say have made their lives better.

For Only $2,499.95 This Deconstructed Sofa Can Be Yours

Well it’s Monday. Here is a couch.

If You Have to Pee, Pee in a Baby Store

Please Leave Work Early

Do you know when I thought I’d find some use in anything former Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist ever said or wrote? Never. But a friend (whom I also never expected to quote Rehnquist) posted something on Facebook that the ol’ Chief said at a commencement address in 1989, and it’s actually spot-on, and a good thing to think about as we commence what is sure to be another beautiful late-summer weekend:

The Art of The “Next Time”

Live in Elizabeth Bishop’s Nova Scotia Farmhouse

Welcome to today’s installment of houses of dead writers for sale/1! The best part of this one is that, at $135,000, it’s modest, adorable, and relatively affordable!

Live Like Marie Antoinette on a Marie Callender Budget

I have a Marie Antoinette appetite for decadence, but my wallet can’t keep up. And so, from babysitting days to college days to first-big-girl job days, my budget has learned to adapt in small ways, to make room for small luxuries. So I can eat my cake and have it, too.

Louis CK’s 70% Rule For Decision-making

This GQ profile of Louis C.K. is short and sweet. Near the end, he outlines his rule for overcoming decision paralysis. Yesterday I talked a friend through her decision to open an IRA vs. have more money available in savings — so relevant! — and I wish I had this on-hand to copy and paste:

Contract PSA For Comedians (And Other People, Too)

Nato Green is “either a comedian who moonlights as a union organizer or a union organizer who moonlights as a comedian,” he can’t really tell anymore. Regardless, he knows a thing or two about contracts, and knows how common it is to be screwed over by not reading or understanding something before you sign it. Care of the Comic’s Comic, Green shares some helpful tips and real talk about contracts.

Dealing With Telemarketers (Using Advice From a Telemarketer)

From Lifehacker, a servicey post about how to deal with telemarketers:

Millennials Find Confidence in Embracing the Void

Peter Coy at Businessweek wonders why we’re so optimistic when we have nothing to be optimistic about. Good question. Is it, “the timeless confidence of youth”? Our “digital lives” (heh)?

Order the Largest Pizza You Can

From Quoctrung Bui and Planet Money comes this fun chart explaining why ordering the larger pizza is worth it.

For $330 You Can Own a Toothbrush That Yells At You

Inviting the real-time disapproving remarks of my dentist into my home and into my daily routine sounds like my worst nightmare, and certainly not something I would pay $330 for, but if you are concerned about preventing all of the horrible things are teeth and bodies are going to die from it might be something worth looking into.

Some of Our Problems With Managing Money

At the Motley Fool, Morgan Housel looks at 77 different reasons people are bad at managing money: