Christmas Alone

I remember my first winter in New York and seeing those tree mongers, walking through their darkly columned corridors heavy with what can only be called Christmas Tree Smell and realizing that I had really arrived, really lived both in New York and in the province of adult loneliness.

A Privatized Playland in Florida

There is a retirement community in Florida that is home to 93,000 people and is developing its own health insurance plan for residents only. The draw will be eight clinics that promise to have a doctor no more than a ten-minute golf cart ride away. This place is called The Villages, and it’s like the Truman Show. (“Spend 24 hours in the Villages, and all of the state’s problems feel like just that — someone else’s problems. The Villages’ press-averse developer, H. Gary Morse, who would not comment for this story, runs a tight ship: my rental car is photographed whenever I pass through the community’s gates. There’s nary a speck of litter anywhere, and I walk past parked golf carts with cameras in the dashboards, keys in the ignition and golf clubs jutting out the back.”)

Paul F. Tompkins Knows How to be a Grownup

This Q+A in Huff Post Comedy is pretty great because Louis Peitzman and Paul F. Tompkins are both very funny people, but also because Tompkins new comedy special has a lot of great lessons about what it means to earn money while pursuing your dreams.