Next on the Grill: Synthetic Meat

Google founder Sergey Brin paid $325,000 for a two-year project to test out the idea of whether or not we can grow meat in a laboratory. The answer so far is: Yes, we can, but it’s crazy expensive.

Chipotle Snobs

The Home-Cooked Challenge

This week, KJ Dell’Antonia and her family are trying to do “The Home-Cooked Challenge” and have gotten rid of all the processed food in their house.

BBQ, KFC, In-N-Out

Every five years, Texas Monthly releases their list of Top 50 BBQ joints in Texas. BRB, flying to Texas to eat all of the BBQ.

What Do You Eat in 1 Week?

I was also inspired by the project and tried to remember everything I ate last week.

Man Likes Chinese Food

This story about 64-year-old David Chan, a lawyer and account who has eaten in 6,297 Chinese restaurants during his travels, is delightful.

Cupcakes, Over

Has the cupcake bakery shop novelty worn off?

“What We Eat, How We Live and the Planet”

Modern Farmer, a new publication that makes “connections between what we eat, how we live and the planet, recently released their first issue, tackling everything from organic farming in China and the mango producer in Malawi that’s sending fruit to smoothie makers around the world.

Is Eating Local Good for Poor Farmers?

Making Stuffed French Toast & More

Burger Battle

In-N-Out’s cheeseburger is $1.85 and is tasty and satisfying.

Coming to a Plate Near Me

Why You Should Shop at Ethnic Grocery Stores

TV + Dinner + A Party

Deviled eggs and sticky toffee pudding? Yes.

Ramen Gnocchi

I love that Chang can take such a common, cheap food item and turn it into gnocchi. It’s so brilliant.