Please Stop Yelling At Me About GMOs

All that hellfire and brimstone people have been preaching about GMOs for years now? Might simply be stuff and nonsense.

Why You Should Shop at Ethnic Grocery Stores

Say Goodbye To Your Little Friend (Avocado)

In a world where the sun is hot and water is scarce, survival comes down to competition.

When Your Paycheck Is What Keeps You From Achieving Your Goals

The people Hull profiles want to get better jobs, or better-paying jobs, but they also want to do their Hardee’s jobs well. They have plans and goals for their lives, like having a wedding by a lake or saving enough money to move to a city that might have more job opportunities. The thing that consistently gets in the way is Hardee’s low wages. That is the mitigating factor on their dreams.

Kraft and Heinz are Merging, Cutting Jobs, Making Food Cubes

Big news in “brightly colored viscous liquid foods:” Heinz is buying Kraft and, with their powers combined, are becoming Kraft Heinz.

Building a Better Pancake

Anyway, I am in denial that Thanksgiving cometh and instead would like to know whose pancake recipe you use. Your family’s? Bisquick’s? Smitten Kitchen? Deborah Madison? I feel like we are not living our best pancake life.

How Do You Do Groceries?

Time to Panic About Hazelnuts

Not to worry, via my old favorite Venessa Wong at Businessweek, Nutella owns 25% of the world’s supply of hazelnuts and has acquired Oltan Group, the leading supplier of hazelnuts. Nutella will be fine. They account for 70% of all U.S. sales of chocolate spreads and are, somehow, a 2.5 BILLION dollar company. That’s a lot of people studying abroad and then coming home feeling really cultured because they put Nutella on their toast now. (BEEN THERE.) But it’s the other guys, the little confectioners, that have to worry.

More Women Are Vegetarian But More Men Are Vegan

Our Health Food Obsession

David Sax has an op-ed in The Los Angeles Time which discusses how we have a tendency to spend so much of our money on health food trends (because we want to eat the things we are told are good for us), but most of those trends end up being debunked:

I Don’t Own a Microwave, AMA

As for me, I am on the right side of history, if by history you mean overly-paid trend forecasters as cited on My kitchen in my last apartment had a built-in microwave, so I threw my busted $30 one out, and in this apartment there is truly about six inches of counter space so I don’t know where I’d put one if we had it. *shuffles to stand in front of the KitchenAid mixer, crosses arms*

French Restaurant Institutes Fine For Wasted Food

Here’s a fun one, via the Morning News: The proprietor of the French restaurant in Switzerland called Patrizietta was sick of seeing patrons load up on the buffet and waste a bunch of food, so he took matters into his own hands. At La Patrizietta, membership to the Clean Plate Club is free, but you face a fine of five francs if you don’t join:

On Class Rage And Green Juice

I love Jami Attenburg’s tumblr, and her post about sharing in some class rage with the woman making her juice today is <3:

Americans Pouring Ranch All Over Everything

The Salt reports that NPD Group, a consumer market information company, has found that ranch dressing has becoming the number one dressing “shipped to the country’s cafeterias, restaurants and institutions.”

The Ritual of the Last Meal

The latest issue of Lapham’s Quarterly is out, and the theme is Death. Hooray! You can read Brent Cunningham’s wildly fascinating essay about the last meals of the soon to be executed online, and I would highly recommend it, if you are into that sort of thing. Or aren’t into that sort of thing at ALL but still can’t help but be fascinated by the fact that Timothy McVeigh’s last meal was two pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream.