The Haves and the Have-nots

I was raised in a family where talking about money was not taboo. My father did a good job of raising two girls on a variety of incomes—money, was tight, and because of this, I was always aware of what we did and didn’t have.

With a Little Help From Our Family?

Undercover Economist Tim Hartford looked at a little-noticed survey by the US Census looking at household experiencing hardships in 2011 (like having your phone disconnected, missing utility payments and rent and mortgage payments, and not seeing a doctor or dentist when needed), and who helped when times were tough. He found that more than half of households expected help from family members, but not too many received it.

Flynt vs. Flynt

Jimmy Flynt had a terrible falling out with his infamous brother Larry a few years ago (over business and money, which unfortunately happens sometimes when family members work together), but has reinvented himself as a seller of "sexy gifts."

My Extremely Scientific Theory Why I’m a Money Genius and My Little Bro Is Not

I have my own idea about how kids can end up with such different values about money. It’s about the trajectory of our middle-class parents’ income.

On Children and Happiness

In the past few years, various studies have come out asking whether or not having children makes people happier. A 2004 study by Nobel Prize-winning economist Daniel Kahneman involving 900 working women in Texas who were asked questions like, "How happy are you when you're taking care of your kids?" found that the parents were very happy. Children are expensive! Raising children is not an easy thing. And yet some of us choose to do so.

The Benefits, Both Economic and Emotional, of A (Relatively) Minimalist Christmas

My family’s yearly Christmas ritual is relatively benign.

The Sandwich Generation

The "sandwich generation" is not a generation that likes sandwiches (that's pretty much every generation), but a generation of older working adults who are supporting both their adult children and their parents.

Another Place to Put a Golden Girl

It’s called the MedCottage. It’s a hospital room in an prefab shed. You put it in your backyard, if you have a backyard, and then you put your grandma in it. You can visit her if you want or you can just check in on her via the security cameras installed in the place. You can also monitor her vitals on your computer. It costs $125,000 with installation, which is a lot but not as much as a few years in a good assisted living facility. Everyone gets old, did you know that? It’s either that or die young. One or the other. Okay bye.

My Father Developed Alzheimer’s Disease and Lost the Ability to Manage Money

In February 2012 we received an unofficial Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and my father’s ability to manage money quickly eroded.

Watching Our Parents Earn a Living

David Ritz wrote a very lovely essay about watching his father struggling to provide for his family in Dallas, Texas for the latest issue of D Magazine, which just hit newsstands yesterday.

My Mother Stole My Car And Got Rid of It

"You’ll notice your car is not in the driveway," my mother said, as soon as my dad left.

My Nana’s Will of Iron

Where there's a will, there's a way ... to leave people off of it.