A Case Against Telling Your Coworkers What You Earn

While I don’t dispute the notion that transparency can prevent people from being underpaid, the chaos that can be caused by people sharing their salaries suggests that there needs to be a better way to share that information.


Could you survive on $1,000 a month?

Will You Write Better for More Money?

Tim Parks wants to know whether or not writers will produce better writing if they're paid more.

How Long Did It Take You to Earn the Average Starting Salary of Graduates from Your College?

Somewhat related to my previous post: Last week, Payscale released its rankings of colleges and universities based on the average earnings of its graduates (prestige, it seems, matters, since top rated research universities and Ivy League schools are found at the top.

How Not to Write, Market and Sell a Supernatural Romance Novel

The book I had in mind would not be very good. It would be better than everyone else's books but it wouldn't be very good. I was aiming for broad market appeal, shameless pandering to middlebrow tastes and prose more meretriciously sentimental than a whore on wharf. The book would be fast and it would be short. It would be published under a penname. It would help me to get by.

How to Make Money by Moving Abroad

A lot of people move abroad to learn about another culture, see new places and have life-changing experiences. Other people move abroad to make money.

The Economics of Being a Stand-Up Comedian in the Midwest

Being funny can be expensive in a place like Grand Rapids, Mich., where comedians often have to travel great distances looking for a gig.

Is There a Wrong Way to Make Money Writing? Is There a Right Way to Go Broke Writing?

Over the years it has been beaten into me that it is unequivocally better to have no publication credits than it is to publish something on your own.

If I Had to Live on $7.25 An Hour, I’d Move Out of New York

There is a lot of pressure on the federal and state level right now to raise the minimum wage of $7.25 to something workers can actually live on.