Fran Lebowitz Tells You How To Do Money

Fran Lebowitz is right about many things. For instance, real estate should be cheaper and clothes probably should cost more, because they should not be made cheaply in sweatshops. And dry cleaning is both a mystery and a pain.

How ‘Cosmo’ Staff Writer Anna Breslaw Does Money

"They talk about “creativity” and “earning money” as if it's a binary, when actually there’s a lot of crossover there. I didn't grow up with a lot of money, and I knew if I was going to do this for a living I wasn't gonna burn screenplays to survive in my squatter apartment."

How a Woman Who Navigates the World as Her Own Savior Does Money

"I got a credit card when I was 17 and my parents never told me that you could spend more than the amount of money that you had. So I never did."

How a Person Living a Nomadic Lifestyle Does Money

Kavi Guppta is a 27-year-old "nomadic journalist."He writes for Forbes and other publications while traveling around the globe with his 27-year-old partner and fellow writer,Kristen Marano. Kavi and Kristen have been on the road for about nine months.

How a Teen Who Works on His Dad’s Farm Does Money

My cousin, Nic Harnois, is a 17-year-old who works for his dad on their poultry farm in Michigan. Nic and I share similar backgrounds: Our parents both moved to a rural area to escape the crime, cramped living situations, and depleted job market of Detroit.

How a Times Square Spider-Man Does Money

"I was working full time at a clothing factory lifting boxes, but the company closed down and I was out of a job. Then I was walking by Times Square one day and saw the dressed-up characters. I asked one of them about the job, went out and bought an outfit, and I've been here for six months."

How an Assistant Editor in Pittsburgh Does Money

"I had planned to be an editor and went to school for an MA in English. I didn't have any illusions about making any money in publishing; I was mostly concerned with being able to get a job, since it's so competitive."

How a Social Worker in Kentucky Does Money

"I earn $43,000, and my husband works part-time after the university he was working at closed, earning about $8,000. We own a home with a mortgage payment, have two car payments, two kids in day care, and some student loan debt."

How an Entry-level Investment Banker Does Money

"The general finance mentality is that you don't spend a lot of money during the week, so during the weekend -- the weekends that they are not working -- they like to spend a lot. They want to get a girlfriend or just hook up with girls, and it takes money to go out and meet girls."