Why We Love Cooking Shows

Roxane Gay writes for The American Prospect about the insane market saturation of competitive cooking shows and why we are obsessed with them.

Her last paragraph is a thing of beauty,

Beyond these shows, we are inundated by commercials for diet products and sensible snacks. We read about weight loss in glossy magazines. We fret over cellulite and count calories. Perhaps we watch these shows to attempt to satisfy a hunger that never will be satisfied. Perhaps we watch these shows to consume beautiful food without consequence for our delicately human bodies.

Cheap Eats: Saag Paneer

Make some food for cheap. Then eat it.

Cheap Eats: Chicken Pot Pie

My favorite thing about making chicken pot pie is eating it, but also that you can fill it with whatever you want.

10 Reasons Why I’d Rather Have You Over for Dinner Than Go Out to a Restaurant

Long time, no see. Of course, I’d love to have dinner with you and catch up, but to be honest, I’m not feeling inspired to go out to eat tonight. Why don’t you come over to my place instead?

Old Fashioneds and a Roast: A Dinner Party for $13 Per Person

Wine, a roast, and maple syrup old fashioneds—a fancy dinner party for $13 per person.

Cheap Eats: Asparagus Lasagna

So, a few of you guys asked me how I make my favorite asparagus lasagna, and ask and you shall receive!

Cheap Eats: Zucchini Pasta for One

This is the best for cooking for one; few ingredients, easy, cheap (so cheap!), somewhat healthy, not that much washing up. I’ll give quantities to feed one, but can just increase for however many you want.

Cheap Eats: The Perfect Cheap and Impressive Dinner Party Menu (Summer Edition)

I love to cook for people—it’s how I show my love for my friends. Hosting a dinner party can be expensive, though! You want the food to be delicious and impressive, the alcohol to be free-flowing, and the pre-dinner nosh to be satisfying. Armed with $50 and a basic idea that I wanted to keep things as simple and delicious as possible (read: it’s 90 degrees out, so light food and drink, no oven involvement, and less than three pans to wash), I came up with a dinner party menu that received rave reviews from all guests in attendance.

Cheap Eats: Lentil Quinoa Salad

Summer means heat, and heat means cravings for cool, light, refreshing meals. When I get home from work on a hot July day, the last thing I want to do is heat up my A/C-less apartment by turning on the oven or standing over the stove. Behold the wonder of Lentil Quinoa Salad.

Elegant and Affordable Meals for One

Cooking (“Cooking”) tips.

Cheap Eats: Baked-Egg Ratatouille

So this is a baked-egg ratatouille. It’s flexible, cheap, easy and healthy, and it accomplishes the goal of looking real professional in a rustic sort of way while actually being way less trouble to compose on a plate than a regular dish.

Cheap Eats: Peanut Butter Pie

Here at The Billfold, we love cheap and easy recipes. Here’s a cheap and easy recipe for dessert by reader Cindy Whitt.

Cheap Eats: Chocolate Peanut Butter Scones

Here’s a cheap and easy recipe for scones by reader Selena Hoy.

Morning Cheap Eats: Blueberry Walnut Oatmeal

Good morning! Here at The Billfold, we love cheap and easy recipes. Here’s a cheap and easy breakfast from Steve Lullaney.

Cheap Eats: Brussels Sprout Casserole

Here at The Billfold, we love cheap and easy recipes. Here’s a cheap and easy recipe for brussels sprouts by reader Allison Bello.