Wait You Don’t Watch Hulu for the Commercials

Pretty optimistic of Hulu to give viewers a “tweet ad” option for the ads they must impatiently endure. Keep reaching for that rainbow!

— Joe Berkowitz (@JoeBerkowitz) February 5, 2013


I spend my commercial breaks thinking about how much more I would like the advertiser if they just … didn’t have ads. Maybe I’d even buy their product? If they were like, “Yo. We respect you. We know you just want to watch some TV on your phone. We’ll spare you watching our commercial six times. Cool.” Maybe I’d even tweet that? If it meant no ads? (Maybe not.) How can we crack this. There has to be another way. What is the other way.

So Like Do You Want a Cookie For That Or What

If you read one thing about a cookie company using social media to pimp its brand and the stupid buzz it’s been getting for it—and I totally get if you want to read no things about it, but bear with me, this is actually good—let it be Matt Powers Breaking It All Down: “One could say [COOKIE COMPANY] was just having a little fun with it,’ but I think this overlooks the paradigm-shifting nature of advertising in social media. The more ‘fun’ they appear to be having, the more dangerous it is. Your friends have fun. Corporations have bottom lines.”

Paying for Things That Used to Be Free

When participants were provided with a compelling justification for the paywall—that the NYT was likely to go bankrupt without it—their support and willingness to pay increased.