What Does a Venture Capitalist Do All Day?

Kevin Roose interviewed Marc Andreessen, a partner at Andreesseen Horowitz who is famous for being bald, saying crazy shit on Twitter, and other tech things. The interview is full of gems (Andreessen kind of says he supports a universal basic income?! He concedes that, "yeah, the meritocracy works if you know the right people.")

Yes, I Do In Fact Owe My Entire Career to Browsing Reddit

I don’t foreshadow casually, so when I dropped “I actually owe my freelance career to Reddit and will tell you that story someday” in the tags this morning, well… you knew this was coming.

Back when I was trying to make a go of the touring musician thing, I realized that I was running out of money very, very quickly. (I was making surprising amounts of money as a musician, but touring was expensive so I wasn’t actually making a profit.)

At that point, I could have walked myself down to the nearest temp agency and done my usual trick of “I can type one billion words a minute at a Six Sigma error rate, please hire me.” The problem was that I was in the middle of working on Giant Robot Album and I had shows booked all over the country.

So I had to figure out something else.

How To Be Anna Holmes

For Cosmo, Jill Filipovic talked to Anna Holmes about her career path and how she came to be the founder of Jezebel, a NY Times columnist, and now, Felix Salmon's boss at Fusion. It is basically a no-bullshit job history, and full of insight and realtalk.

The Service Element of Creative Work

Writer, artist, and person-I-keep-posting-about Austin Kleon talks to Tina Essmaker at the Great Discontent about his winding career path, taking calculated risks, and why he doesn't subscribe to Do What You Love. Woo! I liked this a lot:

Who’s Taking Care of Your Baby?

As I passed by him he shouted something else that I didn’t quite hear. I turned around, said, “What?” “Who’s watching your BABY?!” he repeated, laughing a little. I spun around to make eye contact with him. “My HUSBAND!” I said and spun back around and crossed the street.

Men Are Dominating Crossword Puzzles, If That’s a Thing You Can Do

I haven't done a crossword puzzle since college, when I got really into them as a way to impress a guy. Guess I don't have to tell you I was a virgin when I graduated.

Job of the Day: Public Librarian

Librarians are doing God's work. I don't even believe in God but I mean that.

Women Working in Architecture

This week, Curbed is looking at the careers of women who work in architecture. They recently profiled Courtney Brett, who at 24 became the youngest architect to be licensed by the American Institute of Architects:

Brett’s ascent as an architectural whiz kid was set in motion, ironically, by her parents’ worries over her future. “I have an anxious personality, and they realized that if everything depended on standardized testing, I might panic and not do very well,” she says. To get her comfortable with the SAT, her parents signed her up at the age of 11 and assured her that the results didn’t matter. Based on her score—which Brett says she doesn’t remember, but which was obviously quite good—Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia, recruited her for their early-college program. She was 13, attending eighth grade in San Angelo, Texas, when she got the offer to enroll. “It was so outside what I thought was available to me,” says Brett. “And I wasn’t ready to leave home. I relied on my family for everything. My mom was still helping me style my hair.” But the following year, her father got orders to move to Florida. Brett, who was not keen on the idea of starting over in a new high school, made the leap.

Curbed will be profiling more women at different career stages this week, and you can read an overview about women in the field here.

Photo: Dennis Hill

On Feminism And Fashion

Omg, I love Maya Singer's wild, sweeping, manic rant / call-to-arms for Style.com about how fashion is about more than clothes and women who declare fashion to be frivolous are carrying water for the patriarchy. I am currently wearing a cotton dress that I'm pretty sure is a nightgown and an Old Navy denim shirt with a hole in the elbow, but you better believe I am first bumping through that hole.

Behind Of a Kind

I am a huge fan of Of a Kind and the ladies behind it, Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, so I was excited to see this interview with them up on The Cut, where they talk about how they came up with the idea for their business and all the panic -- okay, and hard work -- that went into making it happen.

Five Relevant Facts About Betty White As Gleaned From Her AMA

5. If she had not been a famous actress, she would have been a zookeeper. As far as her favorite animal goes, she loves, "Anything with a leg on each corner." (Update: "I love snakes too!")