Save Your Money, Stick to Wine

Savvy Drinking: Is the Smart Buy the Best Value?

Make-Your-Own-Cocktail Bars at Weddings Now a Thing

When it comes to weddings, it can seem like there is nothing new under the sun. Mashed potato bar where you fill up martini glasses with cheddar, chives, and bacon bits? Ethiopian food buffet complemented by buckets of injera on each table, thoroughly confusing the elderly Jewish guests? Karaoke? A Simpsons theme? Done and done (and I mean done). If you can’t provide your guests with an original experience, though, at least you can let them have fun — like by mixing their own drinks!

Ever Wish You Could Buy An Accelerated Wine-Making Device For The Home?

Happy Friday, everyone! Here is a video of some guys in matching zip-up sweaters telling us they’ve found a way to turn water into wine. Okay, that ‘way’ involves ‘adding the ingredients necessary to make wine’ but still: JESUS STUFF.

FAA Says No to Drones Delivering Beer

Drone deliveries are likely to be a part of our future, and with Wisconsin brewery Lakemaid already delivering beer to customers, the future is now! Except it shouldn’t be, at least according to the FAA. According to TechCrunch.

In Search of the $1 Draft Beer

Kyle Swenson went on a quest to find $1 draft beers where he lives in South Florida (I have also gone on a similar quest before), and discovered that the rise of brewing costs may make the $1 draft beer bar special a relic of the past (though, impossibly, he does find it).

Maybe the One Good Thing About SantaCon

Every year since 1997, thousands of men and women dressed up as Santa, Elves, Reindeer and other Christmas-related things descend on the city to do a day-long brawl crawl. It’s sort of like St. Patrick’s Day in December. Drunk Santas, they will be everywhere tomorrow.

We Have Enough Wine! Drink Up

All this week, I’ve been reading about how we’re on a brink of a global wine shortage, which was based on a report by Morgan Stanley Research and quickly made headlines (“Drink It While Your Can!” some headlines warned).

Wine, the People’s Drink

Are Russians Alcoholics to Support the State? (They Were at One Point)

How Your Cocktails Get Their Names

I will not order a cocktail if it has a dumb name. I will pick anything other than the cocktail with a dumb name. If it can’t be avoided, I will point to it. “This one,” I’ll say. Or “the gin one.” Won’t say the dumb name.

Boy Band Beer

Sounds like a dad joke, but it’s not.

Melting Glaciers, But the Wine is Great!

According to The Washington Post, English sparkling wine is becoming an alcoholic beverage people want to drink because, as winemakers contend, climate change has created “increasingly hospitable temperatures” for vineyards in southern England, resulting in French champagne makers to buy land in the U.K.

Cheap Beer Proven to Be Popular Among Young and Hip

It’s sort of a joke that the hipster beer of choice is PBR (mostly because it’s cheap, probably), but now there is actual data and heat maps that proves this to be true.

Sipping on Water and Juice

Can I not drink booze at the bar or what.