What My eBay History Reveals About My Shop-a-holic Tendencies

I don’t buy Jimmy Choos. (Well, I would if I could afford them.) My addiction is eBay, and my shopping binges usually involve sitting on my couch in my pyjamas with a laptop balanced on my knee.

Deciding Whether to Move to Portland, Step 1: Pretending to Live in Portland For a Week

I knew I couldn’t move to a new apartment in Seattle until I decided for sure I didn’t want to live in Portland, and I also knew I couldn’t just move to Portland until I was sure that living there would be better for me than living in Seattle.

Burning Man Complains: Old-Fashioned Anarchy Spoiled By New Money Libertarians

This Jacobin article about how the rich have appropriated and ruined Burning Man is a bit unfair, or at least incomplete: the rich have appropriated and ruined, like, everything, from San Francisco to national politics.

Grad School, Two Ways

I had no idea what I wanted to do after finishing my undergraduate education, which I spent studying linguistics for four years. This was obviously not going to get me a practical job.

Money in Your 30s

In the Washington Post, Jonnelle Marte writes about our money worries in our 30s, and some goals to try reaching.

Joseph Stiglitz on Fighting Inequality

“The real battle is to make sure their billions offset the people power.”

John Oliver And His Church Are Doing The Lord’s Work

God bless and keep John Oliver. The man has raised thousands for Doctors Without Borders while also raising consciousness about our country’s insane tax laws when it comes to the shady-if-not-criminal enterprise of faux Christians getting rich by preaching “the Prosperity Gospel” on TV.

Summer Camp (Adults Only)

Re-living our 14-year-old lives again.

Zirtual’s Zeople Are Zuing

Turns out Zirtual’s mass firing might have violated federal law, and the Zeople are putting together a zlass-zaction lawzuit.

How a Woman Who Prioritizes Savings Over Debt Repayment Does Money

I’d rather have the flexibility of (not quite, but soon!) $10,000 in the bank rather than $10,000 in loans, for the relatively low cost of $2,000 in interest. I’m risk-adverse.