Domestic Partnerships In An Age of Same-Sex Marriage

Will domestic partnership-type arrangements still be honored by employers?

It Felt Weird When He Paid

Daniel was older than I was—beyond the half-your-age-plus-seven rule. He had a home and career in Seattle. I was still hustling for jobs to establish savings.

Who Wants to Be an Elite Flyer?

A friend told me I was doing it wrong, that the thing to do was to stick with a single airline and be rewarded with loyalty miles and status upgrades.

The Rent Is Officially Too Damn High For ‘Pretty Much Everyone’

People who are spending 50-70% of their take-home pay on rent can’t pay down their student loans or save for retirement, meaning that more of them will end up depending on social services later on.

Our Man In Istanbul

“You should know,” one of the men says. “This is happening in your country right now, too, isn’t it?”

What Is Qapital?

What is Qapital? Put simply: it’s an app that helps you save money by transforming your relationship to it. In fact, the average Qapital user has already saved $237. Here’s how it works.

Dutch City of Utrecht Announces Basic Income Experiment

Are you hoping Utrecht’s Basic Income experiment will be a huge success and might lead to Basic Income across the Netherlands and eventually the world?

Boondocking In Alaska

We negotiated a price of $400 + tax per week for a camper van, and started researching boondocking, also known as “sleeping in your car.”

Visiting an Optometrist in Bangalore

For two eye appointments including dilation, I paid 200 rupees or $4.75.

When The Banks Close

“The choice before Greece is: insolvency or political unrest. To delay the inevitable financial disaster, Greece has put its financial system on hiatus.”

Finding A Hotel While Down And Out

Disclaimer: Most of the knowledge included is provided by my boyfriend, who works in the hospitality industry.

Monday Check-In

Happy Monday! How were your weekends?

Our Theme for July: ‘Wedding Season’

Gay marriage is legal! And it’s time to announce our theme for July: “Wedding Season.”

The Long Distance Approach to Getting Over It

Just like a sublet, romance can be temporary; breakups are a necessary part of the equation, and they make people do silly, costly things.

How To Embrace India In All Its Glory On A Budget

India has long been considered a more affordable destination, but prices can vary wildly depending on where you are and what you’re looking for.