Redefining “Retirement” Down To Nothing

You too can retire at 30! If you were privileged to begin with and your definition of retirement has little relationship to the classic definition.

Twitter Is Officially Work Now

A comedian or writer might submit a DMCA request on a tweet because tweeting original material counts as part of their livelihood, even if they aren’t directly getting paid for their Twitter activity.

Saving Money By Getting Married In Iceland: A Public Radio Producer’s Story

We ended up getting married late at night because the officiant couldn’t get there any earlier — but that turned out to be perfect because it cut down on lingering tourists.

Moorhead, Minn. Dairy Queen Is Not Bound by Dairy Queen’s Chain

The Moorhead Dairy Queen has no drive-thru, no indoor seating, and is only open during the warmer months of the year. It also serves ice cream sandwiches dipped in chocolate.

The Best Cost-Saving Idea To Come Out Of College In Ages

When I was at college, a friend of mine, who went to another small liberal arts school nearby, told me that it was an annual underclass(wo)men tradition to go Dumpster diving when the seniors left and reclaim everything from discarded furniture to functional televisions. Well, some enterprising, think-big type University of New Hampshire students have taken that idea and standardized / monetized it.

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride (On Purpose)

When I was a kid, I would say that I never planned on getting married. My mother would laugh and tell me that I would change my mind, but now, after 30 years, I think she finally believes me.

Monday Check-In

Happy Monday! Did you have a SUPERCUTE weekend?

Reader, I Eloped With Him

It was lunchtime. We finally said, “Eff it,” and went to Ruby Tuesday. I think his mom paid.

What the Last Four Feature Films I Saw Taught Me About Money

Sharknado producers, if you would like to feature The Billfold in the inevitable Sharknado 4, I volunteer to get eaten by a shark while standing at my laptop writing “The Cost of a Sharknado.”

“If You’re Going To Splurge, Buy Art”

Filmmaker John Waters is charming in this Business Insider video, giving financial advice to millennials.

Teenage Dreams, Financial Independence and Abercrombie & Fitch

I was introduced to Abercrombie in 2001, during the second semester of my sophomore year. My new best friend Sarah had just moved from Colorado to our sleepy California beach town in Orange County. Having also moved just a year and a half prior, I felt a kindred connection with another outsider. We bonded instantly and, like other 15-year-old best friends, we spent all our time at each other’s houses, and in each other’s closets.

Friday Estimate

Let’s estimate our weekend spending, SUPERCUTE STYLE.

Fifteen Is The Magic Number

New York is poised to be the most recent success in the ongoing national Fight For $15.

Social Security Disability Fund Might Face Reserve Depletion in 2016

The Social Security Disability Insurance fund is scheduled to hit reserve depletion in 2016, and Social Security as a whole might hit reserve depletion in 2034.

Can We Make Renting Better?

Is there anything we can do as a society to make renting less onerous and stressful and expensive?