What My Therapist Would Want Me to Do With The Money I’m No Longer Spending On Her

While I’m not having too much difficulty adjusting to no longer having a Sunday evening appointment every other week, the biggest joy of being done with therapy is what it’s done for my budget.

Monday Check-In

Hello on this Monday before American Thanksgiving! Let’s check-in on our weekends.

“Please, Sir, I Want Some More”: Friday Chatting About Negotiation

The theory is that if you agree to someone else’s needs now, then your needs will take on more weight in future discussions. This works with sibling relationships. It does not so much work in adult relationships, including professional ones.

French Couple Suing After Airbnb Copied Their Interior Design

Airbnb designs its office space to look like real-life Airbnb hosts’ homes, which is kind of weird when you think about it.

Holiday Giving: Heart-Melting Stories About People Using Money For Good

Stories of holiday giving that make you proud to be a person.

Working The Jobs That Must Stay Open Over The Holidays

There are no perfect fixes if your work must stay open every day of the year, but staffing/scheduling policies can help.

The Financial Diet Reminds Us That Being an Adult Is Expensive

Fagan and Ver Hage acknowledge that most of our salaries won’t cover all of this saving and spending that we need to be doing as adults—which means adding side hustles to increase our income.

The Unintended Consequence Of Endless Workdays: Gentrification

Because white-collar jobs are demanding more of their employees, employees try to find housing near their offices to keep up with their jobs — and that means often, if unintentionally, displacing longtime, lower-income residents.

Doing It Ourselves, Island Style

Seeing how someone from another culture approached life on a daily basis was illuminating. Unfortunately, it mostly illuminated my own helplessness and laziness.

Friday Estimate

Happy Friday! Time for some estimations.