What My Rich Uncle Taught Me About the Power Of Money

Everything I learned about money, I learned from my wealthy uncle.

Facebook Wants to Judge Your Credit Worthiness By the Company You Keep

Facebook wants to use our friends’ credit scores to determine our access to credit.

Democrats And (Some) Republicans Agree: We Must Overhaul How We Pay For College

Contenders for the Democratic nomination have unveiled policies to help solve the problem of rapidly rising college costs. Though the plans differ in details, they agree in essentials.

Why I Chose My Last-Choice College (Hint: Money)

Two things were always understood: I would earn a degree, and I would pay for it myself.

Friday Estimate

Friday! Let’s do some weekend estimations.

Job Of The Day: Cat Circus Attendant

It’s time to run away and join the cat circus.

SeekingArrangement, Ashley Madison, & The Way We Pay For Sex Now

Sex obtained, and often paid for, via the internet is really having a moment.

Living With ‘Call of Duty’-Obsessed Neighbors, Leaky Roofs, and More

I can safely say I’ve never had a bad roommate, which has led me to the natural conclusion that I must be the terrible one to live with.

Flap Like a Birdie, Do 1 Thing

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to Do 1 Thing.