Fifty Years Old and Sandwiched Between Two Generations

Women in their fifth decade often find themselves wedged, viselike, between two generations.

Going Platinum

Well, I did it. I waded through the fire-swamp of the NY State of Health online insurance marketplace, I got cleared to apply for insurance for next year, and I finally got to compare my current Bronze plan to the various alternatives.

The Costs Of Changing My Name, Revised And Updated

So much of my identity is tied up in how people find and see me online. But who is Kate Landon online?

A Pre-Thanksgiving Student Loan Tweetstorm

Logan messaged me to say that I should post about our pal Lauren Rodrigue’s recent tweetstorm about her student debt.

A True Professional Would Sleep In the Car

Continuing the discussion of microhousing, living close to the office to accommodate the endless workday, and gentrifying behaviors that are unavailable to people who are actually homeless.

Cracking Down On Gambling Grandmas And Geeks

Who cares what grown ass people do with their discretionary income?

Adele Breaks Records/Our Hearts By Making Her Bonus Tracks Unavailable to Download

Adele’s latest album has broken a first-week sales record, selling more than 2.4 million albums since Friday. But if you want three of her tracks, you’ll have to head to a Target.

Wheezy Waiter Asks: Can Money Buy Happiness? Can It Even Buy Retirement?

Even if you win a million dollars in the lottery, you’re still going to have to worry about funding your retirement.

The Cost of Upgrading To A Full-Size Christmas Tree

Since my boyfriend and I have moved into our own place, we finally have the space to get a full-sized Christmas tree, and because this will be my first year not working retail during the holidays, I will also finally get some time to enjoy it.