Reader Dilemma: Can I Take My Bonus and Quit the Next Day?

Friends, countryladies, commenters and lurkers on The Billfold, lend me your tab. I have an psuedo-ethical dilemma, and I need your advice.


WWYD: Should I Be Upset Because a New Hire is Getting Paid the Same Salary as Me?

Am I wrong to be incredibly irate about this? It’s hard to know what others in my position earn as the job is in a very niche industry and its tough to get an accurate range. I’ve already started looking for a new job, but not sure how to square all this so I can still get my job done and not just throw my hands up and completely check out mentally.


WWYD (If You Were Me), Acupuncture Edition

A genuine and probably too-broad question for the end of the day: Have any of you tried acupuncture and is it ‘worth it’?


The One With the Big Tip

Why don’t we start this morning with a WWYD, but have you readers help me this time?


Illogical Economics (But Really Is There Any Other Kind)

EDITOR OF IMPORTANT PUBLICATION: Question: Should I get a WNYC KeepCup or a free subscription to the New Yorker as my sustaining member gift?

ME: This feels like such a no-brainer that I have to ask why you’re asking.

EIP: Well, the thing is, I have wanted a KeepCup for a long time. But a New Yorker subscription costs $80. I don’t have that kind of cash just lying around! I need to spend it on a Rent the Runway dress.

ME: You’re hilarious.

EIP: Better delay this decision even longer. Wouldn’t want to make any rash moves.

ME: Get the New Yorker! Obviously! And then buy a coffee cup for $5.

EIP: It’s like, which am I more likely to actually do, though? I will renew my New Yorker subscription no matter what. But I’ve wanted a keep cup for years and never bought it.

* Quandary! What Would You Do?


I Found Out My Male Colleague Made More Than Me

I’ve been temping at Company X, a large company in Chicago, since the beginning of last August. I started temping here because I’d heard it was a good way to get hired on full time, and I liked the company. While I was here, my boss fought to get me hired, but she was turned down. I decided to change careers and go back to grad school.


Impatient for the Life Ahead of Us

My husband, our two kids and I need to buy a family home and in order to make that happen we are going to need more cash. Right now, it’s about earning more money. I want to stay in my current job with its attendant flexibility, and ideally I want to be paid more. I just am really dreading talking to my boss about a raise.


Paying for Dinner

I recently stayed with two friends while visiting their city, and to thank them I told them that I wanted to take them out for dinner.

“No, no!” they said. “We’re just happy to host you while you’re visiting!”

I planned to pay for dinner anyway, and when we went out to dinner on our last night and the check arrived, I pulled out my card and insisted on paying—but my friends ended up handing their card to our waitress and told her to just split the bill.

This may seem like a silly question, but is there a nice way of insisting on picking up the check? — B.


The Medical Billing Snafu

Medical billing gone wrong.