Social Security Disability Fund Might Face Reserve Depletion in 2016

The Social Security Disability Insurance fund is scheduled to hit reserve depletion in 2016, and Social Security as a whole might hit reserve depletion in 2034.

Job Hunting On Unemployment Benefits Can Seem Illogical

I’m looking at my spreadsheet, and looking at my calendar, when I make the decision that I’m only going to apply for one of these three jobs today. Why? Because on Wednesday, I have a mandatory appointment with the unemployment office to confirm that I have, in fact, been job hunting, and I need to show three “work search activities” on three different days each week.

Dutch City of Utrecht Announces Basic Income Experiment

Are you hoping Utrecht’s Basic Income experiment will be a huge success and might lead to Basic Income across the Netherlands and eventually the world?

The Luxury Bag vs. the Unemployed Reporter

Financially, things have not been going well for me since July 17, 2014, when I was laid off by the newspaper where I worked for eighteen months. That’s 10 months without full-time work, folks. Recently my unemployment ran out. In January my father died. I’ve had two sprained ankles for I don’t know how long. It’s kind of been a mess.

January Is The Cruelest Month — For Layoffs

I have wondered whether these were merely my personal circadian rhythms or whether maybe there were other larger forces at play. Do other people also get hired in late spring and let go in winter?

How Many Safety Nets Do You Have?

How many nets would each of us crash through before we ran out of options? It’s not the world’s happiest thought, but it’s certainly something I’ve wondered about more than once in my adult life. (By “more than once” I really mean “more than once a month.” Adulthood is scary.)

Sudden Unemployment

I woke up on a recent Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m. with a slight hangover and nowhere to go, except maybe to my laptop to casually browse the internet for some sort of inspiration. I no longer had to program my alarm for 7:10 a.m., and it was no longer of a pressing nature to get to the gym before going to work because, well, there was no work, and truth be told, no desk job was forcing me to be bound to a desk. I could do Zumba in my living room at 2 p.m. if I wanted to, provided my downstairs neighbors weren’t feeling too cantankerous.

Dreams I Had While Unemployed

I am leaving a grocery store with my dad. It is daytime. Dad walks ahead of me in the parking lot towards the car, but when I pass a parked car, a man runs up behind me.

“I Stopped Carrying a Wallet When I Became Homeless”

I suppose I could use my old wallet, but it’s full of a life I no longer lead. The owner of that wallet once had an apartment, a full time job, and disposable income, an abundant life that utilized all of the slots.

1 Source Of Income: Good. 12 Sources: Better!

I paid two months of COBRA premiums with my winnings from Cash Cab, since I no longer had a job and was able to do things like be on a game show at two in the afternoon on a Monday.