How We Got Stuck With Gogo’s Terrible In-flight Wi-Fi

Sam Grobart has a very good piece in Bloomberg explaining how Gogo became the largest in-flight internet provider in the U.S., and how it earned $409 million in 2014 despite, well, everyone complaining how bad the service is.

Our Vacations, Ourselves

Arthur C. Brooks has an op-ed in the Times examining various studies that look at our relationship with vacations and what they reveal about us.

Not Coach, But Not Quite Business Class

The Wall Street Journal reports that international airlines are increasingly outfitting their airplanes with “Premium Economy” seats for people who don’t want to fly coach but can’t afford first or business class.

Canadians Love Vacationing in the U.S.

“Canadians visit the U.S. more than Americans visit Canada.”

My Kids Go To School With Holes In Their Shoes But They Also Go To Europe

The general rule in our house is that new clothes come at Christmas and birthdays unless your toes are sticking out of your shoes. Otherwise, you can buy them yourself.

Does “Non-Refundable” Mean What We Think It Means?

The consumer advocate at The Washington Post has published a fascinating piece about the intricacies of trying to get a refund on a non-refundable airline ticket.

The Cost of Moving Your Stuff (And You) Across The Country

If you’re moving several states away, you need to take a close, hard look at your stuff. Now is the time to ask yourself things like: How attached am I to my bed? To my bike? To my car?

When You Don’t Know How Much Your Miles Are Worth Anymore

Delta’s changing their SkyMiles program again, and it’s leaving their customers scratching their heads.

Paying for Cellphone Service When Traveling Abroad

I was very glad that I activated a global cellphone plan before leaving on my trip.

MegaBus: The Cheapest And Least Pleasant Way To See America

Inspired by this Frugal Traveler article that asks “Is Megabus the cheapest way to see America?” here is my own personal list of ways to get around, in order of Most Pleasant to Least.