Paying for Cellphone Service When Traveling Abroad

I was very glad that I activated a global cellphone plan before leaving on my trip.

MegaBus: The Cheapest And Least Pleasant Way To See America

Inspired by this Frugal Traveler article that asks “Is Megabus the cheapest way to see America?” here is my own personal list of ways to get around, in order of Most Pleasant to Least.

The Cost of a Week in Los Angeles and San Diego

Four days of dining out in San Diego is less than half the cost of three days of dining out in Los Angeles.

How to Do San Diego Comic-Con Without Buying a Badge

Skipping the badge both saves money and puts you in the position where you are more likely to make interesting things happen.

Checking In With Summer Expenses

At the beginning of the summer, I estimated that I’d spend $3,270 on travel and “summer adventures,” and I am not quite halfway there.

Who Wants to Be an Elite Flyer?

A friend told me I was doing it wrong, that the thing to do was to stick with a single airline and be rewarded with loyalty miles and status upgrades.

Visiting an Optometrist in Bangalore

For two eye appointments including dilation, I paid 200 rupees or $4.75.

Finding A Hotel While Down And Out

Disclaimer: Most of the knowledge included is provided by my boyfriend, who works in the hospitality industry.

The Long Distance Approach to Getting Over It

Just like a sublet, romance can be temporary; breakups are a necessary part of the equation, and they make people do silly, costly things.

Pretending to Be Rich in Nice

A trip to Nice, on the French Riveria: £400 for two people, two flights, and two nights at a hotel.

“Why Can’t You Afford a Private Tour?”

I hope you read Mai Wang’s story about traveling (and getting scammed) in China, because it reminded me of a similar trip I took in India while I was in graduate school.

Up in the Air With Internet

During my flight, a woman across the aisle leaned over and asked, “You’re online? How much is that?”

Hostels I Have Known

In the six years since high school that I’ve been travelling independently, like many budget backpackers before me, hostels have been my crash pad of choice. I’m basically a connoisseur now.

Planning a Yacht Trip When You’re Not a Millionaire

The 30-meter yacht was a beauty in the crystal clear water. With a full crew, chef, and a luxurious Mediterranean itinerary, the yacht trip cost us $660 a person, minus flights.

When You Vacation With Family, Who Pays?

The “who pays when adult children travel with parents” question is probably the sort of thing that will shift back and forth over the course of both the children and parents’ lives, depending on the family.