Travel Expenses

The Cost of Finagling a Trip to Abu Dhabi

1. Befriend the international students and 2. Tip your waitresses; they probably have cool and too-expensive plans in the works.


The Joy of Holiday Travel

I was so distracted by work and travel and fall getaways during the previous months that it slipped my mind to buy plane tickets to visit my folks in California for Christmas far in advance.


How to See The World When You Have a 9-to-5 and a Budget

“How do you get to go on so many trips?!”

I hear this question often. My answer is always simple: Make it a priority.

A few years ago, I was drowning in your typical run-of-the-mill college debt. Too much Easy Mac, a few must-have sweaters and lots of dining out put my credit card balance in a scary place. After turning down a few invites to travel from friends post-college due to my increasing debt, I was getting really frustrated.

I planned out a payment plan and started throwing money at my problems (and started contributing to the thread here at The Billfold, which I totally recommend). But I still felt deflated since I still wasn’t going anywhere. I started putting $50/month from the payment plan money into a travel fund as a reward. After two years, I made a significant dent on my debt AND I had nearly $1200 in my travel fund. That winter, I called up my best friend and we planned a two-week backpacking trip through Costa Rica. This was in December 2010. That next year I was debt free!

Traveling doesn’t require you to drop a giant sum of money all at once. That’s the biggest misconception about traveling, in my opinion. You don’t have to go to a far away place every time. I love to explore the United States and get to know different states.


Flying Over The Ocean in Economy Class

Mike: I definitely brought up Snowpiercer! But then the flight attendant asked me if I was sure if I didn’t want any champagne or wine, and remembered that flying international, no matter what seat you get, is so much more amazing than flying domestic in the U.S.


The Cost of Things: A Trip to New Orleans That Ends in Fleas

$14.00: two beers after you open the windows in your room but before it is actually safe to be inside. The beer dulls the psychosomatic itching you’ve been feeling all day.


Should Uber Have the Right to Charge $362 for a Ride?

Confirming you’re aware of the surge pricing is not the same thing as confirming you’re aware of the total cost.


The Cost of Performing at a Comic Book Festival in Las Vegas

I earned $710 performing and selling merch at the festival. Let’s take a look at my expenses and see if I made a profit.


Airbnb: Bad For New York, Great For Me

I guess like most things in this new disrupted world of ours, I think Airbnb is bad for New York, but when family is in town and needs a place to stay, that’s exactly where I send them. On her last visit, my mom stayed in a place one block from us for $60/night.


Got $400? Stay at the New Harry Potter Themed Hotel Rooms

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter, now’s your chance.


The Cost of Things: A Family Wedding in the DR

Lodging: Free! The advantage to having a huge family is that there are so many places to stay!