The Cost of Losing a So-Called ‘Dream Job’

My final job check came and dissolved into my slowly evaporating pool of cash on hand, mitigated slightly by regular infusions from the New York State Department of Labor.

Thoughts on Medicare’s 50th Birthday

“What the patient really needs is better insurance.”

The physician said it abruptly, matter-of-factly. Her comment was not meant to evoke empathy in the rest of the medical team. She stated it like a diagnosis.

Paying for Cellphone Service When Traveling Abroad

I was very glad that I activated a global cellphone plan before leaving on my trip.

The Cost of Teen Fandom

I came of age when music videos were still a big deal, Rolling Stone created controversial covers, and in order to guarantee album sales, an artist had to visit TRL and ham it up with Carson Daly.

Saying Yes to Moving and Better Opportunities

When considering all the times I broke down apartments and set them up again in new places, it’s clear to me that the first anxiety-inducing thing that comes to mind is the stuff of it all.

I Have No Idea How Much My Wedding Cost (And I Helped Pay)

My parents were never good with money. What they taught me about finances, they taught me by showing me what not to do. So it was no surprise that my parents didn’t have anything saved for my wedding.

A Goodbye to Sid, the Garbage Cat

I researched alternative treatments online and bought fancy cat food and changed his litter constantly and redressed his wound and held him and cooed at him. I couldn’t afford to go to a new vet and start the whole process over just to get a second opinion.

The Cost Of Things: Engagement Photos

Romance is fine and good but how much money are we talking about?

The Cost of Having a Janky Phone

The systems crashes and the alarm ringtone glitch I can handle, but not the social cost of having to depend on my friends for rides.

The Cost of Silencing a College Newspaper

How a “rich, white males” quote in an editorial in a college newspaper jeopardized its future.

The Cost Of Things: Living & Working With Depression

We hear a lot about the cost of illness, whether physical or mental, but it’s the way these costs are presented that is perhaps most troubling.

Checking In With Summer Expenses

At the beginning of the summer, I estimated that I’d spend $3,270 on travel and “summer adventures,” and I am not quite halfway there.

One Hundred Bucks and a Mission to Beat the Summer Heat

I don’t think I’m being dramatic when I say that I was dead wrong about my ability to handle the heat.

The Cost of Not Having a Baby Shower

I don’t make a lot of money, but I also don’t believe in baby showers. So when my husband and I learned we were expecting two years ago, we decided not to have one, but were nervous about the expenses that our little one would incur.

What We’d Do to See Our Favorite Bands

Linda actually bumped into Hayley Williams, Paramore’s lead singer on the cruise, and she said the band wanted to make the cruise a tradition, and so Linda started saving for that potential as soon as she’d paid her grandmother back. “This time around, I’m selling a kidney,” she said before adding, “Just kidding! … But there’s no way I’m not going.”