The Cost of Things

The Actual Cost of My Discount Personal Trainer

When it comes to services like personal training, I now realize that you get what you pay for. Further, if you’re charging rock-bottom prices for your services, you tend to deliver on that value. At least, this was the case with Robert, who had been blandly professional as a gym employee making $60 per 45-minute session, but as a private trainer making $25 for 60 minutes, would always show up a few minutes late and, using my apparent fatigue as an excuse, end a few minutes early. He used a bizarre, demoralizing method of “you can’t do it” motivation, and had a super-intense, long-lingering personal scent that he made no effort to mitigate. He didn’t incorporate cardio into our sessions. He’d say things like, “I mean, everyone can believe in whatever god they want, as long as they accept Christ as their personal savior.” He was an active member of several men’s rights forums, and said predictably gross things about feminists, lesbians, Hillary Clinton, Jillian Michaels and Jackie Warner.


Spending Money To Make Money: The Cost of Getting Your Law License

This year I graduated law school, took and passed the bar, and was admitted as an attorney in my state. It’s a given that law school itself is expensive. But like a lot of other professional programs, there are also tons of costs when you’re coming out of law school that I didn’t really think about until I had to. Since you have to be licensed in order to work and make that sweet professional salary, there’s no getting around some of them. For lawyers, of course, there’s the bar.


What It Cost Me To Make Each Minute of My Six-Minute Film

So I called a meeting with Melia, my writing partner, who would also star in the film, and Jon, our producer, who would double as the cinematographer, and told them, “Hey, let’s make a movie! I’ve got $3500.”

Jon told me $3500 sounded tight. He said, “We can make something great for $4500.”

I laughed. Producers always want more money. It’s their job to ask for more money. So we pretended the budget was $3500, and I hoped we could do it for $4000, and Jon of course was right all along.


The Cost of Things: A Trip to New Orleans That Ends in Fleas

$14.00: two beers after you open the windows in your room but before it is actually safe to be inside. The beer dulls the psychosomatic itching you’ve been feeling all day.


Would Taxes on Sugar Make You Eat Less of It

on one hand, the First Lady encourages young people to “move more” and eat right, and on the other the President signs Farm Bills encouraging agribusiness to grow cheap starch.


The Cost of Camping When You Haven’t Gone In 10 Years But Want To Be a Person Who Camps

My only regret? Due to a busy late summer and fall, we’ve only gone camping once. I’m thinking we might do the central coast next spring but those campsites fill up early. Time to start researching!


WINTER IS COMING Time to Watch Some Movies

That was my favorite part of Interstellar: sitting in the theater. Especially since it was 3 hours.


Female CEOs Are Not Born But Forged From the Fires of Time

Most women who make it to the C-suite start out in the mailroom.


The Cost of Getting Your Driver’s License in Canada

In September, I became the proud owner of an Ontario ‘Class G’ full driver’s license. If you are not from Ontario, here are the three tests you must pass in order to get a full driver’s license:


The Cost of Being Vegan

People who give financial advice like to suggest that you govegan,vegetarian, or at leastcelebrate Meatless Monday as a cost-cutting measure. As a vegan for two years and counting, this particular tip always makes me laugh.


The Cost of Legally Changing Your Name

All told, changing my name cost be about three days work and over $300. I am lucky to have the privilege and ability to make this happen to suit myself in my personal and professional life.

I’ll send you a Christmas card.