Marian Call Creates a Kickstarter Formula to Keep You In the Black

The fc/tf formula stands for “fulfillment cost as percentage of total funding.” This is where a lot of people run into problems: they create Kickstarter rewards that cost so much to fulfill that they don’t have money left over to do their project.

In Praise of Lifestyle Creep

Lifestyle creep may get a bad rap—I mean, the standard financial advice would be all “don’t spend your extra money on new stuff, put it in savings and wear your old clothes until they become dishrags for your toilet dishes”—but I am about ready to start creeping towards it.

Small Luxuries: Putting Together a Starter Patio on a Shoestring Budget

After receiving $100 as a wedding gift, my husband and I decided to spend it on some patio furniture.

The Cost of Adaptive Fashion

A pair of jeans designed for people who use wheelchairs costs $90—but the high price tag might help people with disabilities become more visible as consumers.

What I’ve Saved By Cutting My Own Hair

I haven’t paid for a haircut in 15 years. I started cutting my own hair when I graduated high school and haven’t looked back since.

Living in Fort Worth and Trying to Find an Affordable Place to Live

I live in Fort Worth, Texas, where rent is manageable compared to major West and East Coast housing markets, but the rent here has recently been skyrocketing. Even so, I was just able to find my new apartment for the next year.

The Cost of Losing a So-Called ‘Dream Job’

My final job check came and dissolved into my slowly evaporating pool of cash on hand, mitigated slightly by regular infusions from the New York State Department of Labor.

Thoughts on Medicare’s 50th Birthday

“What the patient really needs is better insurance.”

The physician said it abruptly, matter-of-factly. Her comment was not meant to evoke empathy in the rest of the medical team. She stated it like a diagnosis.

Paying for Cellphone Service When Traveling Abroad

I was very glad that I activated a global cellphone plan before leaving on my trip.

The Cost of Teen Fandom

I came of age when music videos were still a big deal, Rolling Stone created controversial covers, and in order to guarantee album sales, an artist had to visit TRL and ham it up with Carson Daly.