One Hundred Bucks and a Mission to Beat the Summer Heat

I don’t think I’m being dramatic when I say that I was dead wrong about my ability to handle the heat.

The Cost of Not Having a Baby Shower

I don’t make a lot of money, but I also don’t believe in baby showers. So when my husband and I learned we were expecting two years ago, we decided not to have one, but were nervous about the expenses that our little one would incur.

What We’d Do to See Our Favorite Bands

Linda actually bumped into Hayley Williams, Paramore’s lead singer on the cruise, and she said the band wanted to make the cruise a tradition, and so Linda started saving for that potential as soon as she’d paid her grandmother back. “This time around, I’m selling a kidney,” she said before adding, “Just kidding! … But there’s no way I’m not going.”

Cutting Back In Tiny, Tiny Ways

Once the box of oatmeal runs out, though, I keep debating whether it’s worth picking up another. Shouldn’t I be eating avocado toast anyway? Or something with chia seeds?

The Cost Of Things: Tampons In The English-Speaking World

Assuming 40 years of menstruation, this means the Canadian government has been taxing the average woman $292.80 in their lifetime to have a vagina.

A Case for the $8 Egg Carton

Although we understand average costs of living, we rarely see the high-price of heirloom work reflected on our price tags. Suddenly $8 for a dozen eggs, which I’d washed by hand, almost seems too low.

The Cost of Becoming Interested in Fencing as an Adult

When I first started fencing, I imagined the only gear I’d need is a cutlass, some of those thigh-high leather boots sported by Errol Flynn in Captain Blood, and a chandelier full of candles to show my enemies how sharp my weapon is. Who would have thought fencing is a full contact, anaerobic sport that requires an ocean of protective gear?

Tracking and Saving More Time, But Spending More Money

Two months ago, I signed a contract for a new part-time gig. About two days into the job, I started to worry. The job pays me for 20 hours each week. I can work those hours whenever I want, from wherever I want—it’s pretty great.

The Cost of a Long-Distance Relationship

I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for more than two years now. When we resided in the same state, it was easy to see each other because I had a car, and only needed $20 for gas to make a trip to visit my boyfriend. Now, with me in New York and him in Pennsylvania, seeing him means I’d have to pay $47 for a round-trip bus ticket. Sure, this isn’t a huge difference, but when you’re working off a limited budget, it can get overwhelming.

American Girl Doll Furniture Costs More Than Furniture For Humans

I decided to put my own furniture to the American Girl test: my Sleep Master Platform Metal Bedframe, at $98.86, is less expensive than Samantha’s Victorian bed (with canopy), Julie’s mod 1970s bed (with beaded canopy), Caroline’s 1812 wooden bed (with canopy), and Rebecca’s 1920s brass bed (surprisingly canopy free).

The Cost of Auditioning for Jeopardy

When I first got the email saying I was invited to audition for “Jeopardy,” half of me was already spending the money I would win. I figured I would crush the literature and food rounds for five nights in a row, and then I would figure out the answer to “Final Jeopardy!” thanks to some pivotal life event (a la Slumdog Millionaire).

The Cost Of Things: Missing Your Night-Bus In Peru

Departure tax: S/.2 each, because Arequipa will not let you leave without a fight

Going Off-Brand

Our pal John Herrman has a piece this week in Matter about how switched from his defunct $650 iPhone to a mid-market $76.14 “shitphone” where he had the ability to do nearly everything his former phone did.

WATCH What Happens. (Get It?)

Can you afford the $10,000 deluxe version of the Apple watch? Are you willing to pay for prestige?

The Cost of Becoming a U.S. Permanent Resident, Part III

In parts one and two of this series, I wrote about getting my permanent residency materials in order so I could submit them as soon as possible after the wedding. By Thursday, Jan. 29, everything was in order except for the marriage certificate that we would get the next day at the wedding.