A Pre-Thanksgiving Student Loan Tweetstorm

Logan messaged me to say that I should post about our pal Lauren Rodrigue’s recent tweetstorm about her student debt.

How A Music Therapist With Four Jobs and $200K In Loans Does Money

In total I have $36K and $18K in private loans, owed to 2 different banks. It gets to the point when you’re like, “It probably makes more sense for me to pay my loans than to buy vegetables, because I don’t want to miss a payment and fall into a bad situation with my credit.” So I was eating a lot of ramen.

How Kate Beaton Does Money

Before becoming a full-time cartoonist, Beaton worked as a maid, as an administrative assistant at the Maritime Museum of British Columbia, and on a mining site at Fort McMurray.

Is College Too Expensive? Yes, But Especially for Those Attending Non-Elite Schools

It’s the time of year when students are heading off to college all across the country, and we start seeing the perennial “Is College Too Expensive?” articles popping up everywhere.

When Even Small Debts Pose Big Problems

The borrowers who are in the most trouble are the ones who took out the least.

Five Years of Tackling My Student Debt: An In-Depth History

I was embarrassed to admit what my lifestyle entailed and unsure I could explain why it was so important for me to pay off these loans early, in a time when it seemed like everybody had loans and nobody’s job paid them what it should.

Grad School, Two Ways

I had no idea what I wanted to do after finishing my undergraduate education, which I spent studying linguistics for four years. This was obviously not going to get me a practical job.

When Non-High Earners Attempt to Refinance Their Student Loans

With HENRYs encountering roadblocks when trying to refinance their student loans, I was interested in seeing if non-HENRYs had any luck with getting better interest rates for their loans.

Can You Refinance Your Student Loans? Sure, If You’ve Got the Dough

Why getting a lower interest rate on your student loan can be near-impossible.

How to Lose a Student Debt Load in 180 Days

I graduated in 2014, with my hat in my hand and $8,000 owed to the Department of Education. While $8,000 was only about a third of the average student debt, it was a terrifying number for me.