Petitioning J.Crew to Sell Fashionable Assistive Canes

Liz Jackson, whom you might remember as the source of “an invisible body cannot be a fashionable body,” is petitioning J.Crew to sell fashionable assistive canes.

What My eBay History Reveals About My Shop-a-holic Tendencies

I don’t buy Jimmy Choos. (Well, I would if I could afford them.) My addiction is eBay, and my shopping binges usually involve sitting on my couch in my pyjamas with a laptop balanced on my knee.

In Praise of Lifestyle Creep

Lifestyle creep may get a bad rap—I mean, the standard financial advice would be all “don’t spend your extra money on new stuff, put it in savings and wear your old clothes until they become dishrags for your toilet dishes”—but I am about ready to start creeping towards it.

Making the Deliberate Choice to Stop Wearing Grody Pajamas

There are probably a lot of us who go through the day with some kind of secret worn-out item bolstering the rest of our outfit, whether it’s the sock with the hole in the bottom or the layering tank with a frayed shoulder seam that shouldn’t matter because it’s layered underneath something else, but still manages to rub against the skin.

Things Vs Experiences, Take Two

Go ahead and buy that guitar, then, or those roller blades, or that SLR camera — but only if you’re going to commit to getting good.

Progressives Forced To Ask, Is Amazon Any Better Than Wal-mart?

Thanks to an article in the Times about its business structure that is as elaborately researched as it is grimly depressing, consumers are being forced to take a closer look at Amazon and ask themselves, “How do I feel about supporting a hellscape?”

Buying an iPhone 6 During the Worst Time of Year to Buy Phones

It was a phone. It appeared to work. It had the biggest number on it. Done.

Weddings In Your 20s: How To Do Registries When You Can Barely Do Phone Bills

When you first start getting invited to weddings in your early 20s, it’s nerve-wracking. People close to your young age settling down with someone for life will inevitably make you start asking long-term questions about your own future, which is at best unwelcome and at worst terrifying.

Converse Gets an Overhaul

Remember when you could get a pair of Chuck Taylors for $20?

Phone-y Baloney

I guess that I should upgrade from “3G” to “4G,” even though I’m not even sure what a “G” is.