The Cost of Upgrading To A Full-Size Christmas Tree

Since my boyfriend and I have moved into our own place, we finally have the space to get a full-sized Christmas tree, and because this will be my first year not working retail during the holidays, I will also finally get some time to enjoy it.

It’s Not Just “Small-Business Saturday.” Now It’s “Civilized Saturday” Too.

Get pampered.

The Science Of Stop Shopping

Media is trying to help us understand — and, then, better resist — our own subconscious biases, which stores and advertisers use against us.

What We Do And Don’t Save For

According to a T. Rowe Price study via Forbes, a lot of American parents have impulse control problems.

Dressing Like the Affordable Version of Ourselves

This is not the Nicole I want to present to the world. Of course, I can’t afford to be the Nicole I want to present to the world.

Shopping With Moms & What To Do When They Say “Just Try It?”: A Friday Chat

When shopping with Mom, stay as far from the body as possible. Coats great! Bras bad.

A Holiday Fashion Question of the Day

Do you put a little extra effort and cash towards your own appearance—or towards your kids’ appearance—during the holiday season?

An Unseasonably Warm Question of the Day

Are you buying a new winter coat this year? If you aren’t, is it because of global climate change?

Retailers Bending Gender for Profit, Still Lag Miserably Behind Comic Books

It’s 2015, and toymakers are finally re-evaluating how they market some items only to one gender.

Goliath vs Goliath: Stores And Banks Attack Each Other; FBI Caught In Crossfire

Right now, credit cards, chip or no chip, do feel pretty unsafe. But banks don’t want us to think so.