What $990 In Rent Gets You In Seattle

When you pay $990 in the 10th most expensive rental market in the country, you get a lot of good things—but you don’t get everything.

Habits I Plan to Change When I Move Into My New Apartment Tomorrow

I will wake up an hour earlier every day. I will buy fresh flowers every week. I will not archive email on the toilet.

The Cost of Cleaning Out Your Refrigerator Prior to Moving

I want to put off the inevitable $25-per-day takeout hole for as long as possible—but I’ve still spent roughly $25 on dinner in the past three days, and I have six days left to go.

Comparing the ‘Uber For Moving’ Apps

It should surprise absolutely nobody that when you type the words “uber for moving” into Google, you get a gob of apps all itching to help you solve that particular problem.

Can I Furnish a One-Bedroom Apartment on $437?

I’m curious whether I should be thinking about these furniture pieces as “for now” pieces or “investment” pieces, so I’d love your thoughts on that. At what point do I start buying items for the rest of my life, for lack of a better phrase?

The People You Have to Trust to Rent an Apartment

First, you have to trust that the Craigslist post is real.

The Cost of Three Days in Portland

The trip did do its job, by the way. I was pretty sure I was going to stay in Seattle as soon as I started seriously looking for apartments here, but spending a few days in Portland pretty much solidified that decision.

How Much Furniture Does One Apartment Need?

I’ll need a lot of stuff to turn this place into a home, and I’ll need to not be afraid about buying it.

I Put Down a Holding Deposit On an Apartment

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from the Seattle apartment hunt, it’s that you can find another place in an afternoon, if you are the first person to the apartment after the listing posts.

Deciding Whether to Move to Portland, Step 2: Visiting a Seattle Apartment and Changing All Plans

One thing became very, very clear during this apartment visit: I don’t really want to move to Portland. How do I know this? Because that was the biggest pro in my pros and cons list.