A True Professional Would Sleep In the Car

Continuing the discussion of microhousing, living close to the office to accommodate the endless workday, and gentrifying behaviors that are unavailable to people who are actually homeless.

Why Have Housing When You Can Have Micro-Housing

This seems to be where we are headed, those of us living in urban areas—all the way through to our senior years.

What $1K In Rent Gets A Brother And A Sister In D.C. (Spoiler Alert: Unfairness Ahead)

Living in Washington D.C. can kill a bank account fast. Sleeping in a closet in the nation’s capital can zap the soul even quicker.

(S)extra Room: The Cost Of A “Non-Private” Living Arrangement

A search online for cheap, quick housing turned up a category that I never knew existed: roommates with benefits.

Places I’ve Lived in London: Harry Potter-Sized Cupboard, House Full of Slobs, and More

In the eight years I’ve lived in London, I’ve experienced my fair share of rental oddities.

What $496.42 in Ikea Furniture Looks Like

My Ikea furniture arrived, and I wanted to show you all the finished project.

Living Next Door to a House Party That Never Ends

Residents are worried that living next to an Airbnb party house will lower their property values.

Professor Dumpster Goes From a Dump Home to a Smarthome—And You Can Too!

Professor Dumpster has finally had an idea that I can get behind. It’s called Kasita.

My Sort-Of Spending Freeze

I ended up spending $784.85 on apartment stuff, and only getting $257.50 back on my deposit, which means, roughly, that the $500 I wanted to put into my savings account got spent on my apartment instead.

On Choosing the Cheapest Thing: A Dialogue With Myself

Part of me is still: Nicole, you did the thing again. The thing where you pick the cheapest one.