Deciding Whether to Move to Portland, Step 2: Visiting a Seattle Apartment and Changing All Plans

One thing became very, very clear during this apartment visit: I don’t really want to move to Portland. How do I know this? Because that was the biggest pro in my pros and cons list.

Living With ‘Call of Duty’-Obsessed Neighbors, Leaky Roofs, and More

I can safely say I’ve never had a bad roommate, which has led me to the natural conclusion that I must be the terrible one to live with.

Deciding Whether to Move to Portland, Step 1: Pretending to Live in Portland For a Week

I knew I couldn’t move to a new apartment in Seattle until I decided for sure I didn’t want to live in Portland, and I also knew I couldn’t just move to Portland until I was sure that living there would be better for me than living in Seattle.

A Minority View On Inner-City Poverty

“Building new affordable housing in wealthy areas takes investment away from the downtrodden areas that most need it.”

Amy Schumer Still Rents an Apartment With a Murphy Bed

Schumer’s current apartment is a step up from her previous digs, where she and a roommate paid $1,275 to share a Chinatown studio.

The Rent, Yes, Is Too Damn High, Etc.

Here’s something you’ve perhaps noticed on your own: rents have been getting crazy high!

Going Home to the West Coast, via Chicago, Paris, West Africa, and New England

If you want a house that will ruin you for everywhere else you’ll ever live, go to a women’s college.

Maybe Don’t Move To Portland Just Yet

“We’re talking about the death of the American Dream for more than one group of people.”

The Cost of Moving Your Stuff (And You) Across The Country

If you’re moving several states away, you need to take a close, hard look at your stuff. Now is the time to ask yourself things like: How attached am I to my bed? To my bike? To my car?

Living at the Office Is a Thing Now

Want to hack your life? Save time and money by sleeping at the office.