Living at the Office Is a Thing Now

Want to hack your life? Save time and money by sleeping at the office.

Getting My Financial House in Order Before I Get My Physical House in Order

It makes sense that I still feel broke, because I’m paying off all of the expenses I had when I was, actually, broke.

How Apartment Hunting Is Different From Shoes Shopping

What becomes immediately obvious, when you start apartment hunting, is that there are no apartments.

The End of an Era

This weekend, we saw the ending of an iconic American cultural marker; one that shaped the lives of the middle class by allowing them a peek into the lives of the rich, a realistic New York fantasy that embraced creativity and commerce simultaneously, shaped fashions, and left us with both nostalgia—that old wound—and fond memories of a well-placed musical number.

Apartment Hunts, Communities of Excellence, and Living in NYC on $5,000 a Year

Startup Castle is offering single rooms at $1,750/mo and shared rooms at $1,000/mo. But the ideal applicant can’t watch more than 4 hours of TV a week, can’t have more than one tattoo, and can’t have attended more than one protest in their lifetime.

The Cost of Having Water Pour Through a Crack In Your Bathroom Wall

Brokers I Have Known

We found out where the closest laundromat was because after waiting half an hour, my roommate had to pee so badly that we went in a frantic search of the closest public restroom.

New Map Lists Median Rent at Every Manhattan Subway Stop

I’m sure you all will tell me why 190th Street is preferable to 181st Street, or why rents jump from $1,290 at 125th Street to $1,506 at 116th Street.

More Than 88,000 People Apply for 55 Affordable Apartments in “Poor Door” Building

Each potential applicant has an approximate 0.06 percent chance of getting one of these affordable apartments.

Places I’ve Lived: Monster House, Single-Women-Only Complex, & More

There was an infestation of squirrels in the home. Teeth marks still scarred the built-ins.

In Which I Learn That My Dream Apartment Might Be Affordable

This week, I saw a sign listing apartments for rent and the unit prices, and I realized that I could actually afford to live there.

A Catalog of My Worst Apartment Hunts

Having lived in New York City for nearly a decade (in six separate residences), I’m convinced that the only variety of New York apartment hunt is the soul-crushingly terrible one.

Near a Drug Front in Montreal, a Two-Bedroom in L.A. With Five People, and Other Places I’ve Lived

In Montreal, many apartments are floors of a former single-family home, and have stairs on the outside as a result. Our landlord liked to perch on this staircase, literally right outside of my window, and argue with various contractors.

38 Roommates in 10 years

I moved out of my parent’s house in the fall of 2005, and since then I have moved 19 times and had 10 different mailing addresses.

The Hunt for a Place of My Own

“You have six months to find your own place,” my godmother, Kimmie, says.